School Advisory Committee


咨询委员会的委员非常关心我校的发展,对校内的各种活动 、庆典,均不遗余力地协助与支持。以下是各位委员给予我校的贡献:

  • 筹款: 组织筹款活动,资助学校进行各种计划的推动和实践。
  • 讲座: 广邀各行各业成功的专家到学校作专题演讲,以开拓学生的视野,并启发学生的企业家精神。
  • 工业实习计划: 寻找和联络乐意提供此项服务的机构,同时也安排老师和学生到委员本身的机构、工厂实习。
  • 奖励、奖助学金: 遴选并颁发奖项给教职员长期服务奖、最富有创意教学奖、模范生奖、学术优异成绩奖及助学金等。
  • 教育: 协助学生辅导工作及学校的补习计划,与海外教育机构加强联系,并进行教育浸濡计划;同时,也大力支持师生教育考察,使我校的发展更上一层楼。

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) comprises leaders of Singapore’s industrial and commercial sectors. They navigate the business world with skill and finesse, investing in local and overseas markets, and pioneered many unique enterprises in the process. Being truly global citizens who are rooted to Singapore, they not only excel on the global stage, but also contribute immensely to various charity work, nation building and cultural education in Singapore.

Members of the SAC are deeply concerned with the development of the school, sparing no efforts to provide assistance and support for the various school events and celebrations. The contributions of the SAC include:

  • Fundraising: Fundraising activities are organised to fund the promotion and implementation of various school initiatives.
  • Seminars: Successful entrepreneurs and experts from various professions are invited to deliver keynote speeches in the school, expanding the horizon and inspiring the “entrepreneurial dare” of our students.
  • Industry attachment programme: Organisations which are willing to provide attachment opportunities are sourced and contacted by the SAC members, who also provide teachers and students with opportunities to intern at their organisations or factories.
  • Awards and bursaries: Staff and students are selected by the SAC for various awards, including Long Service Award, Most Creative Teacher Award, Model Student Award, Outstanding Academic Achievements Award and bursaries.
  • Education: The SAC provides assistance with student’s counselling and remedial programmes, enhances collaboration with overseas educational institutions and organises educational immersion programmes. To bring the school to a higher level, the SAC also strongly supports educational study trips for teachers and students.
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