Special Programmes

Talent Development Programme

Talent Development Programme is a programme specially tailored for the academically inclined students. Opportunities and programmes are designed and provided to highability students for their intellectual and cognitive development besides inculcating and nurturing the affective and character aspects of students.

Programmes and activities in TDP are carried out either within curricular, cocurricular or extracurricular.

This Schoolwide Enrichment for Talent Development takes on Enrichment TRIAD Model (by Renzulli, 1976). The Talent Development Programme is supported by a range of differentiated learning programmes and platforms, e.g. SBGE classes, STAR Academia CCAs, Research Programmes, Olympiad Training classes, Service Learning Projects, Elective Modules, that will enrich our students in their areas of passion and aptitudes.

Within curricular, we have students who are in the Schoolbased Gifted Education (SBGE) Programme classes. Students in these classes are enriched in their learning through Content differentiation, Product differentiation, Process differentiation and differentiation in the Learning Environment. This is done through the delivery of the curriculum of the various core subjects during lessons or beyond curriculum time. Each Pillar Programme has its own differentiated programme for the SBGE students.

Some special programmes, e.g. Olympiad Training, Research Programmes (including H3 Research Projects), Elective Modules are organised for selected group of students. These specially selected students would also participate in national and international level competitions in the areas of Sciences, Mathematics, Information Technology and Humanities, above and on top of their normal academic work.

The STAR* Academia CoCurricular Activities are set up to give students with special aptitude, talent and interest to pursue their interest and passion out of the corecurriculum. There are currently three STAR* Academia CCAs that cater to the wide range of students’ academic interests, in Mathematics, Sciences and Humanities. There are three of such CCAs, namely Mathematics Society, X3 Lab (Science Society) and International Strategic Affairs Council (ISAC).

Identification of students for some of the Talent Development Programme includes students’ writing of personal statements, written selection tests, interviews, showcase of their involvement or achievement in competitions and activities and teachers’ recommendation.

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