6th July 2020

5th Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2020: Playing from home: Edition

The 5th Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2020: Playing from home: Edition was held this year through a live stream format. The competition was opened to those from 5 years old to 17 years old. This was also the first time for Southeast Asia that an Amateur class was introduced to the competition.

Three Music Elective Programme (MEP) students participated and they are:
a) Goh Kai Cheng 1E
b) Chan Xin Tong 5C48
c) Ong Zi Rui 5C48

We are please to announce that in the Professional Class, Ong Zi Rui won 3rd in the 3rd category and Goh Kai Cheng clinched the top prize in the 2nd category. Additionally, Kai Cheng was also the Grand Prize Winner and will be competing with other finalists from Asia in Hamburg!

Below are excerpt reflections of both pianist winners:

Goh Kai Cheng 1E:
“I started learning the repertoire used in the competition about 1 year ago. In between, I was also practising other pieces, and about two months before the heats (held in February), I started intensive preparation for the competition.

I thought that it was a unique and rewarding experience to have a chance to perform live in front of many viewers online at home. This competition presented a different aspect of stress level that I had to deal with. Even though there was no actual audience watching my performance physically, I was constantly worrying about technical issues such as connectivity of my system and WiFi.

We will have to quickly adapt to a changing environment and embrace new challenges in order to overcome difficulties. 我秉持着 “不畏艰难险阻、勇于克服一切困难” 这句话,挑战自我,向目标迈进!”

Ong Zi Rui 5C48:
“The Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2020 was a completely different experience for me. Due to the pandemic, Steinway changed their competition format to being completely online, so we had to scramble to get decent audio equipment and other necessary items. That was rather difficult to adapt to, but I also had a glimpse of the behind the scenes work that goes into a production.

Preparing for the competition was not easy as I had to juggle between school and piano, especially since tests were around the corner. Achieving 3rd was also not easy to stomach. But I am slowly realising that this was actually a culmination of almost 11 years in the making, since starting out till now. Every concert, exam and competition had a hand in influencing the next. The accumulation of these experiences was therefore more significant than I had previously thought.”

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