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1st January 2019

BSP Immersion Trip to Beijing

12 November 2018 marked the start of a fruitful school immersion trip to Beijing, China. 18 students, as well as 3 teachers, embarked on this 2 week long trip to China’s capital as part of the Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP).

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting one of China’s most prestigious institution – the Peking University. We attended eight different lectures by various distinguished professors. Not only were the lessons rich in content, they also covered a myriad of topics pertaining to China, ranging from foreign and economic policies to environmental problems. The lectures provided us with a deeper understanding of China’s growth prospects and the challenges it faced. We even had the opportunity to interact with students from Peking University. They displayed a strong sense of humility, endurance and diligence. Interacting and learning from them undoubtedly inspired us to work harder and continuously better ourselves.

Besides attending lectures, we also delved into China’s rich culture and history. We visited several tourist destinations in Beijing such as The Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, the Former Residence of Lao She, Imperial College and many others. We marvelled especially at the Temple of Heaven, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another memorable site was the National Museum of China. In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of China’s economic reform, a cornucopia of special exhibits were on display in the museum, featuring the milestones of the nation’s growth over the past forty years as well as the goals to meet in the years to come. This rare opportunity concretised what we have been taught under the subject of China Studies in Chinese as the exhibition was closely related to our syllabus.

Furthermore, we had the privilege to attend classes and interact with students from Beijing National Day School. The school’s emphasis on self-directed learning proved to be an interesting experience for us. What set this school apart is the fact that they offer the Advanced Levels (A-Level), Academy Profession (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) concurrently, incorporating overseas pedagogies and resources into their school system. The students we interacted with came from the international department. They do not have to take the National Higher Education Entrance Examination as they will study in foreign universities once they graduate. The students were very passionate about what they were learning and were very inquisitive.

All in all, these two weeks we spent together in Beijing has been nothing short of fulfilling. We are extremely thankful for this opportunity to experience life in Beijing and learn more about China’s politics, society and economy.


此趟学习之旅,我们很幸运有机会到北京最优秀的学府之一 ——北京大学去上课。我们共听了8位资深教授有趣的讲座。讲座内容非常丰富,其内容涉及中国外交政策、经济增长策略,以及能源环境等课题。这让我们更深入地了解当代中国的发展前景以及所面临的挑战,从中获益匪浅。通过与北大学生的交流,他们不耻下问,刻苦耐劳,为梦想努力拼搏的精神值得我们学习。他们优秀的成绩并不是靠一天的努力得来的。





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