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19th May 2015

BSPY3 Hunan, China

From 19 May 2015 to 28 May 2015, 20 students from Dunman High Bicultural Studies Program travelled to Hunan, China for a 10-day immersion program, under the guidance of teachers, Mdm Sau Wee Wee and Mr Goh Pai Shen. This trip aims to allow is to learn, understand and experience the culture and traditions of Hunan.

Our first stop in Hunan was Hunan University, where we listened to lectures from professors about Hunan’s geographical and food culture, Chairman Mao Zedong and Red Tourism, Corporate Culture, and Hunan’s Media Culture. We also visited 2 other schools, namely Fuzhong School and Changsha Jinhai School, where we were warmly welcomed by their teachers and students. We went for lessons together with their students, and this was a new experience for us students.

Also, we visited several unique places in Hunan, like Jiandu Museum, Coca-Cola Factory, Yue Lu Academy, Shaoshan ( Chairman Mao Zedong’s place of residence and Di Shui Dong Scenic Area ), BYD Car Factory, Broad Group Building, and Hunan Satellite Television. These experiences definitely broadened our horizons.

This trip to Hunan has let Dunman High teachers and students better understand Hunan’s history and culture, modern society, education system, and experience living abroad, but also enhanced our understanding of our friends from Hunan, and promoted both countries’ exchange and friendship.

15Y3I Su Huang Yi

Reflections by students

“I have learnt a lot from the 10-day trip to Hunan, China. Not only did I accumulate a lot of knowledge about the history and culture of China and Mao Ze Dong, I gained insight on how life is like outside of Singapore and I learnt to become a better person in terms of character as well.

Hunan is the birthplace of one of China’s greatest leaders, Mao Ze Dong, and this trip has enabled me to deepen my understanding of him as a person. Visiting Hunan has definitely sparked my interest about him, his ideas and his way of life. After this trip, I am better equipped with knowledge of China’s modern history and culture, which I am sure, will put me in a better position in society in the future.

The trip to Hunan has made me realise how fortunate I am to be Singaporean. Although the school environment in China may not be as conducive as that in Singapore and the facilities there are not as advanced as those here, I have never heard any complaints from the students in China throughout the two school visits. However, in Singapore, I can often hear students complain about the facilities and equipment, without realising how fortunate and blessed they are to even have these privileges. Light dawned upon me and I feel that we should not take things for granted and should begin to treasure them before we lose these seemingly trivial things.

Through this trip, I have also learnt to become a more caring person and to be more considerate towards others’ feelings. The importance of teamwork and responsibility is also another vital learning point for me.

In conclusion, I am glad that we went to Hunan for the first BSP trip as it really broadened my horizons. It was an enriching and fun experience with the other BSP scholars and I have had the chance to understand my peers better. There were many beautiful memories created with friends and teachers during this trip, and I look forward to the next BSP trip with them!”

15Y3M Shanice Koh



15Y3I Han Xin Yi

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