School Events
12th August 2016

East Zone COE T&L Professional Sharing Day

The Professional Sharing Day was successfully organised by the East Zone COE for Teaching & Learning, Dunman High School on 12 August 2016.

This platform was created to support and enhance the professional competencies of teachers in the East Zone schools through the sharing of innovative and effective teaching and learning practices with each other.

In his opening address, Mr Sng Chern Wei, Divisional Director, Curriculum Planning and Development 1, emphasised the need to continue learning and growing in our profession by sharing our professional knowledge and expertise with one another. This would be one of the most effective ways to encourage more deep learning across schools in the East Zone.

The Professional Sharing Day provided the teaching fraternity with an opportunity to improve the understanding and application of pedagogy, curriculum design and assessment, so that teachers could be empowered to better address the diverse learning needs of our students.

On this occasion, we launched the 2nd volume of The Art & Craft of Teaching, which was a compilation of papers and articles from 21 schools and institutions. We also had a new feature this year in the 10 Open Classroom Sessions where Dunman High teachers conducted lesson demonstrations in an authentic environment.

In addition, Key Personnel, Lead Teachers, Senior Teachers and aspiring STs from 33 East Zone schools and the National Institute of Education stepped forward to conduct 38 concurrent sessions and 6 workshops.  With about 500 educators from the East Zone schools, schools in other zones, Academy of Singapore Teachers, MOE HQ and NIE who took time from their busy schedule to participant in an afternoon learning, it was a fruitful afternoon well spent amongst our fellow practitioners.

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