Overseas Trips
9th January 2014

HMCA, Hong Kong

Fourteen Year 6 students from the Internal and Strategic Affairs Council embarked on a five-day trip to Hong Kong from 9th January to 13th January 2014 to participate in Harvard Model Congress, Asia (HMCA). This conference was jointly organized by both Harvard University and also Hong Kong University.

At this conference, our students assumed roles as foreign diplomats in a simulated United Nations conference and also as American lawmakers in a simulated Congress. In their roles, our students engaged in active debates, lobbied for support and crafted resolutions to address pertinent global and domestic issues. Through interaction foreign delegates from South Korea, the USA, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, our DHS students gained a deeper appreciation of different perspectives concerning regional and global issues. Moreover, they developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges and intricacies of modern day governance and diplomacy.

Our students did Dunman High School proud by clinching top awards at HMCA. Yohanes Ng Yu Wei (14Y6C11), Sun Yisi (14Y6C32) and Jiang Junhao (14Y6C33) won the Best Delegate award for the Senate, WTO and ASEAN councils respectively. Moreover, Clara Lim Shu Qi (14Y6C34) and Loke Zhen Yang (14Y6C36) won the Honourable Mention award in the ASEAN and European Union councils respectively. Overall, all our DHS students put in excellent performances and garnered top praises from their council chairpersons. They did us proud by stepping out of their comfort zone and pushing their own boundaries of improvement.

In the end, attending the Harvard Model Congress was an enriching and rewarding experience for our students. Through their interaction with students from different countries and cultural backgrounds, they gained a deeper insight and appreciation of the larger international community and the importance of multiculturalism.

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