Overseas Trips
3rd October 2012

ISAC, Bangalore

Between 3 and 9 October 2012, 12 students from the International and Strategic Affairs Council, or ISAC, and two accompanying teachers, went on a trip to Bangalore, India for the Bangalore Model United Nations 2012.

The conference was organised by the students of Vidya Niketan School and was highly successful, with over 300 students from four countries in attendance. This year, students conferenced in five different Councils and one Press Corp. Our ISACers, who were appointed as delegates for Japan and India, had the opportunity to debate on a range of global issues ranging from nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, to the setting up guidelines to determine territorial and maritime boundaries.

Our ISACers worked very hard to prepare their positions for debate and were able to win the respect of both the organisers and visiting delegations alike for the strength of their arguments and precision of their delivery. Four of our students also did Dunman High proud by winning special accolades including:

Best Position Paper, United Nations Security Council:
12Y5C32 Myint Myint Moe

Best Position Paper, United Nations Human Rights Council:
12Y5C11 Yasmine Wong Kang Min

Best Pre-Summit Report, International Press:
12Y5C11 Regina Toon Yuan Min

Honourable Mention for Position Paper (Second Place), United Nations Environment Program:
12Y5C35 Tan Yue Ying

Through the conference, our students also got to make many new friends whom they continue to keep in touch with.

The trip was especially memorable for both students and teachers, most of whom were visiting India for the first time. During their trip, they had the chance to steep themselves in the Indian culture, enjoying her sights, sounds and flavours. The food was particularly delicious- students got to feast on authentic Indian cuisine such as thosais, which are rice-flour pancakes filled with marinated potatoes, and imbibe delectable drinks such as masala chai, which is strong, black tea simmered with cinnamon, ginger and other spices.

All in all, students had a meaningful and memorable trip, so much so that many are considering to one day return to Incredible India!

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