Overseas Trips
6th September 2013

Malaysia Twinning Programme, Cyberjaya

This year marks the 3rd year that our school embarked on our journey to Malaysia to visit our Twinning School, Sekolah Seri Puteri. A team of three teachers, Ms Ho Hwee Ling, Mdm Noorizan Beevi and Mdm Nora Supaat accompanied 15 Malay Special Programme (MSP) students on this trip.

Along the way, we stopped by Johore Bahru, Kampung Belimbing where we learned more about the many varieties of herbs and their uses. We also learned to weave ‘ketupat’ and played ‘gasing’. The highlight of the day was eating our lunch with our hands! It was a struggle initially but we got the hang of it after a while.

Since it was towards the end of the Hari Raya season, we were invited to one of the houses to eat Raya cookies! That was the first time most of us actually went into a kampung house! We were very touched by their hospitality and warmth in welcoming us to their humble abode.

We proceeded to a pineapple farm where we were shown how they derived the thread from a pineapple leaf. This thread was the thread from which Barong (the traditional Philippine costume for the men) was made of. Next we were brought to a small, home-run factory for ‘gula melaka’ where we were allowed to sample fresh from the kiln ‘gula melaka’! Our teachers even bought them to bring back to Singapore!

Dinner was a splendid affair at Restoran Saloma where we were plied with a sumptuous buffet of delectable dishes. While enjoying our ‘to die for’ dinner, we were entertained by a cultural show that was equally awesome. The host invited us on stage to perform together with the dancers and we really enjoyed themselves!

The rest of the trip were spent visiting the national monument, the national museum, the palace compound and the national mosque where we learned more about the history of Malaysia. We were also proud of ourselves for surviving the ‘terrifying’ steps of Batu Caves! Next we visited Sekinchan where we were able to see vast spread of paddy fields and the modern technology which they used to plant the paddy there. We learnt that the word ‘paddy’ actually came from a Malay word ‘padi’. We also visited the Twin Towers where we enjoyed a bird’s eye view of Kuala Lumpur.

The most enriching part of the trip was when we were given a chance to sit through lessons in Sekolah Seri Puteri, where we experienced a different style of teaching and engaged with students of different backgrounds and culture from us. We were also given a chance to tour the school and played traditional malay games with them like ‘congkak’ and ‘batu serembat’.

Overall, although this trip was a short one, it bonded the Year 3 MSPians and we had lots of fun and made new discoveries along the journey.

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