24th April 2018

“星衢诗艺”学生写诗比赛2018 (Sing Chu Chinese Poetry Creation Competition)

Poetry is one of the oldest form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language to express meanings beautifully. Earlier this year, the Chou Sing Chu Foundation invited students with the flair and interest in writing Chinese poetry to take part in the inaugural “星衢诗艺”学生写诗比赛 (Sing Chu Student Chinese Poetry Creation Competition). It hoped to nurture students’ interest in writing, creativity, imagination, to help them understand a poet’s creative process, and encourage their appreciation of the beauty of the Chinese Language.

The topic this year was “Time, Space, and the Human World — Poetry and the Everyday”, where the “everyday of poetry” refers to the poet’s perception of, and response to time, space, and the human world. The organisers wished to make the point that while “everyday” could seem mundane to some, the observant poet would nonetheless be able to express the temporal, universal, and human qualities of “everyday” through poetry.

We are pleased to announce that our Dunmanian: Li Jinsha from 18Y4G, has won the Merit Award in this poetry writing competition!

Here is Jinsha’s award-winning poem!


鲜而浓的绿  绿得浸油
花瓣透着丝绸的光泽  厚重又轻滑

我笑着  为了能偷偷的哭

Here are Jinsha’s thoughts about her experience:



As Cohen said, “Poetry, like one’s deeds, is what remains of life,” suggesting an immortality for that which is penned in verse. Poetry is a powerful literary genre that expresses one’s emotions through words, and provokes thought and reflection on life itself. I was proud to have learnt that my school offers both English and Chinese literature subjects, as the literary arts (including poetry) offer a rich experience and help students to better understand and embrace other cultures. This is especially important as we live in the multicultural society of Singapore as well as the increasingly globalised 21st century. Personally, I am greatly honoured and grateful to receive this prize and I would like to thank my teachers and friends who have supported me throughout my learning journey in Dunman High.”

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