Overseas Trips
20th November 2018

STEP 2018/2019 Overseas Learning Journey

In November 2018, a team of 5 teachers and 22 students headed to Rayong, Thailand, commemorating our 20th year of successful partnership with Rayongwittayakom school. It rekindled a friendship forged since 1998. It was an enriching experience and the team came back with wonderful memories.

I was given a chance to play basketball with my buddy and her friends and what touched me the most was the strong bonds and teamwork within the team and the sense of encouragement and forgiveness they had for me even when I missed the ball. – Lurlene Soh, 18Y2G

There was always laughter at the dinner table with no one using their phones or being distracted. This sort of family time was a little unfamiliar to me as at home, my parents and I have little conversation at the table, as we would always be tired from school and work. I made a note in my head to initiate more conversation with my parents and quality time. I think this was a meaningful take away from this homestay as it made me realise how little I talk to my parents on a daily basis. – Jessie Kang, 18Y2B

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