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6th August 2019

Choral Exchange with Taipei Municipal Jinhua Junior High School

The Dunman High School Choir hosted a choral exchange with the choir from Taipei Municipal Jinhua Junior High School (臺北市立金華國民中學) on 8 July 2019. The programme started with a brief introduction from both schools, which featured the motto and culture of each school, as well as a sharing of choral experiences in both Taiwan and Singapore.

The choirs spent time learning a new piece together, entitled Dona Nobis Pacem by Mozart. This shared learning experience allowed both choirs to experience learning together and for the Jinhua choir to experience a different style of conducting by our very own conductor, Mr Albert Tay. The sectionals planned allowed for DHS choristers to further interact with the Jinhua choristers.

The choral exchange culminated in an exchange performance where both choirs took turns to perform for each other. The Jinhua choir performed songs in their native language with vitality and liveliness, while the DHS Choir performed Exultate Justi by Lodovico and 第一天 (First Day) by 五月天 (Mayday).

All good things must come to an end when choristers from both schools exchanged gifts with their buddies. The Jinhua choristers also presented DHS choristers with acrylic-cut keychains with the words “一所培育未来人才的幸福学校”, which was embodied by the students and teachers from Taipei Municipal Jinhua Junior High School.

Below are the reflections of 2 DHS choristers about the choral exchange:

“I personally really enjoyed the short performances they put up for us. Despite being a much smaller choir with two sections, they were able to perform with expression and movements as well which really surprised me when they started to sing. It was a different feeling altogether from our usual choir pieces, aside from our musicals as we rarely have elaborate movements throughout the song and are more used to being more rigid in our expression. I think it was good to have this exchange not just to learn together but also to learn from one another and for us to improve on areas that we can do better at after observing the Jinhua choir.” – Quek Jinghui Vanessa (19Y3L)

“I was surprised to learn that despite having only about 2 hours of practice a week, they still manage to maintain a high standard and enthusiasm in their singing. Their passion for singing really shone through with their exuberance and positivity during their performance and I think that is one point that we should learn from them. The Jinhua choristers were also really bonded, which is also another thing that we can learn from them as we usually hang out in our own sections or cliques. There was a slight language barrier and I did not know how to explain some of the warm-ups we did to them. However, by the end of the day I had picked up new musical terms in Chinese and was able to communicate better with them.” – Lim Sheann (19Y3L)

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