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29th December 2014

Year-End Staff Seminar

On 29th and 30th December, Dunman High School staff came together once again for our Year-End Staff Seminar (YESS). The Day 1 programme started with Dr Foo’s address during which he shared with the staff the importance of upholding the teacher’s ethos in our effort to prepare students for the 21st century global landscape.

The administrative segment saw staff being briefed on 2015 curriculum updates, SG50 programme and student development matters by the various persons-in-charge. The SD team also unveiled the revised Handbook for Form Teachers & Civic Tutors to the staff. With relevant articles, anecdotes from staff and useful tips for teachers, the handbook will hopefully serve as a reference for FTs ad CTs. Staff then revisited Dunman High Staff Values – “S PRIDE”. This was followed by the Student Council performing the new school cheer and school dance that will be taught to the DHS student population during 2015 orientation.

After lunch, we had the MITA (Most Innovative Teaching Award) oral presentation and judging segment. While the panel of judges deliberated on the winners for the Junior & Senior High groups, staff casted their votes for their favourite group presentation. The day ended with the voting of the Staff Welfare Committee Chairperson.

The second day programme was exciting indeed. We went on a food trail at Katong and Joo Chiat.. Groups went to several food outlets/stations and had to collect souvenirs which were to be used for the S Pride display later in the day. The trail offered opportunities for staff to taste novel food and snacks. It was definitely fun exploring the food establishments in Katong and Joo Chiat.

Upon returning to school after the food trail, groups worked on their “S-Pride” display using materials they had collected during the trail. Groups had to explain how their display signified the staff values of Synergy, Professionalism, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence. The top 3 displays were selected and won for themselves prizes.

The final highlight of YESS was the prize presentation for the following awards:

  • Most Innovative Teaching Award (JH & SH)
  • Outstanding Contribution Award (Individual)
  • Outstanding Contribution Award (Group)

Congratulations to all prize winners! 2014 has been a fulfilling and enjoyable year for staff and we look forward to another exciting year in 2015.

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