About DHS

Dunman High School (DHS) (formerly known as Dunman Government Chinese Middle School) is an autonomous co-educational secondary school in Singapore offering the Integrated Programme. It has always been the top co-educational secondary school in Singapore in terms of academic results.

Its Chinese name Démíng (德明) is a transliteration of “Dunman”, named after a British Police Commissioner, Sir Thomas Dunman. The meaning of its name in Chinese is derived from a line in the Book of Great Learning (大学之道在明明德,在亲民,在止于至善) which is a statement that has influenced the Emperors of the Han, Tang and Song dynasties in Imperial China. It can be roughly translated as “the Dao (path) to the greatest learning lies in understanding the brightest virtues”.

In 1979, the school was selected to be one of the nine Special Assistance Plan (SAP) secondary schools. The school was renamed “Dunman High School” and began to offer both English and Chinese languages at the first-language level. When the Music Elective Programme (MEP) was introduced by the MOE in 1982, DHS was selected to implement the programme for musically gifted students.

From 2005 the school has implemented a customised version of the Integrated Programme called the Dunman High Programme (DHP), which allows all students to bypass the O-Level examinations and directly take the A-Level examinations.




自2005年开设直通车课程以来,德明进一步发扬因材施教的理念,为学生量身设计校本课程,帮助学生免考 “O”水准而直接参加“A”水准考试。

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