Student Development

Student Leadership

Dunman High School, the premier school of Leaders of Honour, aims to nurture our students to Care, to Serve and to Lead.

We believe that –

  • Every student can be developed as a Leader.
    Leadership development is self-development. Every student possesses a unique blend of abilities, inclinations and talents. He/she is able to make a positive difference in his/her way, within his/her sphere of influence.
  • Every student should be developed as a Leader.
    Leadership entails having the confidence and taking the initiative to make a positive difference, regardless of one’s title. Every student should aim to make a positive difference within one’s sphere of influence.
  • Student Leadership Development needs to be intentional.
    Leadership competencies, values and attributes ought to be taught and assessed. Every student should be equipped with the requisite leadership competencies to be better prepared to assume posts/ roles, for effective leadership. This includes creating opportunities/ platforms for students to practise leadership for authentic learning.

Dunmanians’ different talents are recognised and developed through various leadership opportunities and training. Indeed, student leadership development is an avenue for Dunmanians to step out from their comfort zone and step up to contribute so that they can work towards the school’s vision of becoming Leaders of Honour.

All students are introduced to fundamental leadership skills and knowledge through mass leadership programmes that foster the development of self-awareness and relationship management competencies. Each year focuses on different leadership domains, spiralling up from Self Leadership (Year 1 and 2), to Team Leadership (Year 3 and 4) and to Thought Leadership (Year 5 and 6). Through Year 1 to Year 6, students revisit and put these competencies into practice in the various aspects of their student life in Dunman High.

Students with all-round achievements who display high leadership potential take on leadership positions in their CCAs, the Class Committees and the Student Council. Each CCA conducts their own differentiated leadership training program to equip CCA leaders with project management and people management competencies. Through level and class activities, Class Committees are given platforms to serve and lead their peers while developing a strong class spirit. Ample opportunities are also given to the Student Council to demonstrate leadership competencies within the context of inspiring and effecting positive changes and fostering a strong family culture in the school.

In Senior High, students have the autonomy to be part of a variety of independent student-led activities (e.g. Sports Leaders Programme and House activities) that may interest them. One notable opportunity would be our annual Dunman High Leadership Symposium, which is entirely organised by student leaders and involves reputable guest speakers from various sectors and approximately 300 participants, both Dunmanians and beyond.

At Dunman High, beyond leadership competencies, we are committed to developing students’ character and supporting them to navigate their future pathways with confidence. The Dunman High Leadership Programme is complemented by the Student Development Framework and the Careers, Scholarships and Higher Education Framework. With that, we are confident that upon graduation, the students would be empowered to be Leaders of Honour who have a clear purpose to improve the lives of those around them.

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