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Student Leadership

Dunman High School aims to develop Dunmanians as Leaders of Honour who will Care, Serve and Lead. We believe that character development is the central tenet of leadership. With this in mind, a Student Leadership Development curriculum has been designed to secure the base by providing opportunities for every Dunmanian to learn about leadership while stretching the most capable of our student leaders through a series of leadership development programmes.

Adopting a spiralled approach, Lower Secondary students are introduced to fundamental leadership skills and knowledge through programmes that foster the development of self-awareness and relationship management competencies. At the Upper Secondary and Senior High, students put their leadership skills to practice as CCA Leaders and Student Body Leaders such as the Student Council.

The Student Council is a cohesive student leadership organisation that works closely with various stakeholders to enrich the lives of Dunmanians by inspiring positive changes and fostering a family culture in the school. Student Councillors are given opportunities to develop their leadership abilities and core competencies through the planning of major school events and student-initiated activities. In caring, serving and leading, student councillors are able to leverage on their strengths to unleash their potential, experience the fulfilment that comes with being a servant leader, and be motivated to further their leadership journey. A differentiated programme, Dunman High Leadership Programme (DHLP), is developed to enrich and value-add to their leadership experience from Year 4 to Year 5 through varied platforms like dialogue sessions, workshops and mentoring. The purpose of the DHLP is to ensure that students who are high performing and have high potential are able to maximise their capacity in leadership so that they are ready for an array of opportunities that come their way after graduating from DHS. Students in the DHLP represent student leaders who embody high performing and high potential qualities in academic excellence, CCA achievements, leadership qualities and exemplary character. The DHLP is offered from Year 4 and student leaders in the DHLP will graduate into the DHScholars Programme, an exclusive programme for Year 6 students, such that a multi– pronged approach can wholly develop our student leaders.

The DHScholars Programme complements the DHLP by supporting our student leaders in the area of scholarship and higher education application. It is a structured mentoring programme that aims to provide participants with more opportunities to explore scholarship and higher education options, and eventually make an informed decision about them. Through mentorship and a range of developmental activities, the programme aims to strengthen students’ scholar attributes, and to refine their relevant skills for scholarship and higher education applications.

Through a curriculum that is intentional in focus and spiralled in approach, we believe that this would prepare Dunmanians to rise up and tackle challenges in their journey as a leader beyond school.

我校旨在培育学生成为“关怀”、“服务”与“领导”学校以及社群的未来栋梁。我们笃信品德发展是领导能力培养的核心,故设计并推行学生领袖培育课程,一方面为全 校学生提供基础的领导能力培训,另一方面鼓励领导能力特出的学生肩挑大梁。



领导能力更强的学生,则可通过参与德明领袖培训计划(DHLP) ,在中四到高一阶段,通过对话会、工作坊、指导等方式和平台,强化领导能力。此德明领袖培训计划的目的,是为了确保高素质和有潜能的学生在领导能力上得到最大限度的提高,为他们未来迎接德明毕业后的一切机会做好准备。德明领袖培训计划为中四及以上年级的学生而设。此计划下的学生,是学术、社团活动或领导才能方面的模范学生领袖。学生在完成培训后,将在高二年级直接进入特设的德明奖学金计划(DHScholars Programme)。这样多管齐下的方式,使学生领袖得到层进式和系统化的培养。



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