Aesthetics Programme

The Aesthetics subjects, Music, Art and Life Skills, aim to identify and groom potential talents in the Arts while instilling in all students a greater sense of appreciation for the aesthetics.



Curriculum 课程内容

Our all-round approach in curriculum, enrichment and talent development programmes is structured to provide all students with the opportunities to become creative, innovative and thinking citizens of Singapore, leaders with passion for the arts and a heart for the community and lifelong advocates of the arts.


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To further enrich the students, the department also organizes regular overseas Aesthetics trips. In June 2010, the AEP students went to France and Italy and Italy again in 2013. During these trips, they were exposed to art works from Renaissance to contemporary. In June 2011 and 2013, the MEP students visited Germany and Austria to further study on topics related to their A level Syllabus.

Since the inception of A level MEP and AEP in 2007, many of our students have excelled in the subjects and been awarded the Music Elective Programme Scholarship, MOE Overseas Teaching Scholarship for Music and Art, and NUS Global Merit Scholarship for Architecture.

General Music Programme (GMP) & General Art Programme (GAP)
The General Music and Art Programmes are modular Programmes that aim to engage all Year Ones and Two students in arts and culture. Students get to appreciate music and art better, enjoy ethnic and digital music creation, and express themselves in various art forms.

Music Elective Programme (MEP)
The Dunman High School Music Elective Programme (MEP) was introduced by the MOE in 1982. It offers musically-talented students a choice of either a 4-year GCE ‘O’ Level or a 6-year GCE ‘A’ Level programme. Adopting a holistic approach towards music teaching and learning, and led by our highly qualified team of music educators, MEP students are nurtured to be independent learners and musicians as they constantly improve on their musical skills, and deepen their understanding of and appreciation of music. They would be taught to analyse music of both Western and Asian traditions, and be equipped with musical composition and performing skills.

Art Elective Programme (AEP) (School-based)
The school-based Art Elective Programme (AEP) is offered up to GCE ‘A’ Level. It aims to expose artistically inclined students to a wide range of art forms supported by a deep understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. In line with our holistic approach to visual arts education, AEP students are strongly encouraged to apply their knowledge of art history and artists from the Study of Visual Arts into Studio Practice such as Painting, Sculpture, Digital Video, Installation, and Mixed Media.

Lifeskills Programme (LSP)
The unique Lifeskills Programme (LSP) is offered at Year One and Two students. It focuses on teaching practical life-long skills that range from cookery, nutrition, food product development, food safety and consumer education to emergency preparedness.

为了进一步丰富学生的学习经验,本院还定期组织海外美学艺术考察。 在2010年6月,美术特选课程学生分别远赴意大利和法国考察。在2013年6月,课程学生再次远赴意大利。而在 2011年和2013 年6月,音乐特选课程学生也前往德国与奥地利就音乐特选课程项目进行研习。





德明政府中学在1982年正式受教育部委任开办音乐特选课程(MEP)。此课程让有音乐天赋的学 生,选择4年的剑桥‘O’水准课程或6年的剑桥 ‘A’水准课程。课程由我校高素质的音乐教育工作者领军,并采用全方位的教学模式开展。学生在这优良环境中,学习如何成为独立的学习者和音乐演奏者,借 此进一步加强自己的音乐技巧和鉴赏能力。学生除了能分析和学习西方与亚洲音乐外,也将习得作曲和演奏的技能。



Pedagogy 教学法

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Due to the disposition of the Aesthetic subjects, Music, Art and Lifeskills provide many engaging hands-on and collaborative learning experiences.Workshops, master-classes, concerts and exhibitions are organized regularly to further develop students’ understanding and appreciation of the subjects.

For the academic subjects, pedagogies such as Lectures, Peer-teaching and Socratic questionings are also infused into the MEP and AEP curriculum.



Assessment 评估与测试

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The following modes of assessments are used in the respective Aesthetic Subjects.

Subject Mode of Assessment
Music Elective Programme (MEP)
  1. Pen and paper
  2. Practical
  3. Concert Reviews
  4. Composition/Recital Portfolio
  5. Presentations
Arts Elective Programme (AEP)
  1. Pen and Paper: SOVA
  2. Studio Practice
General Art/Music for Year 1 and 2
  1. Digital Music project (Yr 1)
  2. Presentation
General Art for Year 1 and 2
  1. Sketchbook of assignments (portfolio-based)
  2. Presentation
  1. Portfolio
  2. Practical
  3. Textile project
  4. Online quiz


学科 评估与测试方式
音乐特选课程 (MEP)
  1. 笔试
  2. 演奏
  3. 音乐会评论
  4. 创作/演奏履历
  5. 表演
美术特选课程 (AEP)
  1. 笔试 (SOVA)
  2. 创作与演奏
普通音乐课程 (GMP):
  1. 数码音乐创作 (一年级)
  2. 表演
普通美术课程 (GAP):
  1. 课堂作业
  2. 专题作业讲解
生活技能学科 (LSP)
  1. 课堂作业
  2. 技术鉴定
  3. 纺织作业
  4. 网上测验
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