Dunman High Programme

The design of the Dunman High Programme is guided by the school’s Philosophy of Education, which forms the basis of what we do, how we do and why we do in Dunman High to provide a forward-looking education for our students.


Philosophy of Education 教育哲学

In Dunman High School, we view character and cognitive development as fundamental to the holistic education of our students.

We seek to equip every Dunmanian with the disposition and competencies needed to thrive in an increasingly complex world.  We believe every student should have the ability to collaborate well, think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively in both English and Chinese.

In line with Confucian philosophy and our values of honesty, trustworthiness, moral courage and loyalty, we strive to nurture Dunmanians with a passion for life and learning. We are committed to developing active citizens who care deeply for others, have a heart to serve, and take the lead to change the world for the better.




Key Approaches 课程策略

The four key approaches adopted in the Dunman High Programme are:

1. Integrated and Interdisciplinary 综合理解与跨学科学习
2. Innovative Teaching & Learning 创新教学与学习
3. Multiple Modes of Assessment 多元化的评鉴方式
4. Student-Centred 以学生为中心的教学

These approaches undergird the Dunman High academic curriculum. Our academic curriculum is structured around the Bicultural Studies Programme, the Humanities & Aesthetics Programme, the Mathematics & Science Programme and the Knowledge Skills Programme. Coupled with the student development curriculum, the school’s holistic education aims to support our students in acquiring Dunmanian Outcomes.

Dunmanian Outcomes 德明人的素养

Moral Integrity 人格高尚
Students are guided by honesty, trustworthiness, moral courage and loyalty.

Passion for Life and Learning 热爱生命与学习
Students are always learning and striving to be their best.

Idealism 具有崇高理想
Students have the conviction to make a difference to the world.

21st Century Competencies 掌握21世纪生活技能
Student are proficient in critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration and information skills.

Bilingualism and Multiculturalism

Students are effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, appreciate different cultures and navigate them with ease.

Active Citizenry
Students are global citizens rooted in Singapore who serve the community, both local and beyond.

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