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Warmest greetings to all and welcome to 10 Tanjong Rhu Road, home of our Dunmanian family.

A new year is a powerful phenomenon, a time to look back with gratitude, a time to look ahead with hopes. 2020 will long be remembered as the year the world ground to a halt. The global pandemic and the ensuing disruptions to societal norms and our daily routines were of biblical proportions. We learnt to relearn and unlearn, from the way we work and study, to the way we organize and live. That said, disruptions and opportunities for change are two sides of the same coin.

As a school, while we worked on minimising disruptions, we also leveraged the window of opportunities for school improvements.  Some shifts included a rethink on the fundamentals of teaching and learning, strengthening ownership and streamlining programmes without sacrificing the rigour; as well as a relook at how technology is being harnessed to enhance learning spaces and improve productivity.  More importantly, it was heartening to see Dunmanians stepping up to the challenge by adapting to the new normal, and making a difference through their advocacy for the less fortunate in the community in these difficult times.  As parents and educators, we are proud of Dunmanians as they live out our school motto – 诚、信、勇、忠 – Honesty, Trustworthiness, Moral Courage and Loyalty.

As we step into 2021, many of the challenges we faced last year will not disappear overnight. Regardless, we are optimistic that as a family, Dunman High will continue to rally together and scale greater heights. 2021 will also be a special milestone year as we commemorate the 65th Anniversary of our founding on the 14th October 1956. Looking back at our humble beginning in a borrowed campus to becoming an institution of distinction today, we are grateful to the many who walked before us, and who continue to cheer us on.

Over the years, the school has bravely and nimbly responded to many challenges and prevailed.  The clarion call for us is to celebrate and build on our heritage, and press on to scale greater heights! – 不忘初心 锐意进取、继往开来 再谱华章!   We have every reason to look ahead confidently, and be excited about what the future holds for Dunmanians.  With concerted effort, we will continue to make great strides towards realizing our vision of being A Premier School of Leaders of Honour.

Happy 65th Birthday, Dunman High!

Tony Low




作为一所学校,我们在努力排除干扰的同时,更是借此契机,重新审视并力求改善我们的办学方针。这些转变包括:对教学基础的重新思考;在保持办学的严谨性的前提下,强化主导权并精简课程和活动;探究如何利用科技扩大学习空间和提升效果等等。更重要的是,德明人在通过适应新常态来迎接挑战的过程中,不仅克服自身遇到的困难,还伸出援手,主动积极地去帮助社区中的其他人解决问题,这种心系祖国、悲天悯人的情怀令我们倍受鼓舞。身为父母和教育者,我们为德明人感到自豪,因为他们以行动实践着我们的校训 — 诚,信,勇,忠。他们身上所体现出的诚实、守信、道德勇气和忠诚,是我们德明世世代代的传家宝。


多年来,德明人勇敢机警地应对了重重挑战,取得了种种成功。鼓舞我们不断前行的嘹亮的号角,是继承并延续我们的传统,并使之发扬光大! 不忘初心 锐意进取,继往开来 再谱华章。展望未来,我们信心百倍,激情澎湃。让我们齐心协力,继续为实现培育“堂正君子、社稷栋梁” 的顶尖学府的愿景而努力不懈!



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