The Academic Programme is delivered through our 4-year Junior High Academy and 2-year Senior High Academy.

At Junior High Academy, the Academic Programme is designed for high ability students focusing on building a strong academic foundation; and providing an enriched, inter-disciplinary curriculum.  Anchored by the 4 pillars, Junior High students are exposed to high quality programmes such as research studies, project works, master classes, mentorships and overseas immersions, all of which are intended to provide the students with a stimulating environment that would deepen their appetite for in-depth academic pursuit.  Our students will skip the GCE O-level Examination and this gives us greater scope to design a challenging and enriching curriculum.

At Senior High Academy, students prepare for the GCE A-level Examination.  They will choose from a board range of academic subjects offered.  Outstanding Senior High students are identified for Higher 3 subjects as well as research programmes such as the Science Research Programme, the Nanyang Research Programme, the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme and various attachment opportunities.  These programmes are intended to bring out the best in each Dunmanian and to provide an educational experience that fosters a spirit of inquiry and enterprise.

Students admitted to the school follow the six-year integrated programme at the end of which they sit for their GCE ‘A’ Level examination and Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. The latter is a Chinese Language proficiency test that can be used for applications to Chinese universities.

Years 1 and 2

All DHP Year 1 and 2 students of DHP will take the following subjects:

Examinable Subjects Non-examinable Subjects
Language Arts Aesthetics/Life-skill Programme
Higher Chinese Chinese Studies
Mathematics Civics and Moral Education
General Science Computer Studies
History Research Studies
Geography Pastoral Care
Music Elective Programme Physical Education
Visual Arts Programme Translation Studies

Years 3 and 4

All DHP Year 3 and 4 students will be offered the following subjects:

Examinable Subjects Non-examinable Subjects
Language Arts Chinese Studies
Higher Chinese Civics and Moral Education
Mathematics 1 Financial Literacy Programme
Mathematics 2 Enterprise and Investment Programme
Biology Moot Parliament Programme/UN Mock Conference
Physics Pastoral Care
Chemistry Physical Education
Integrated History/Integrated Geography Translation Studies
Music Elective Programme Electives
Music Elective Programm Overseas Immersion Programme

Years 5 and 6

Students choose from the following subjects to be taken at GCE ‘A’ Level:

Type Subject/Code H1 H2 H3
Knowledge Skills General Paper (GP)
Knowledge & Inquiry (KI)
Project Work (PW)
Languages Chinese Language (CL)
Mathematics and Sciences Biology (BI)
Chemistry (CH)
Physics (PH)
Mathematics (MA)
Computing (CP)
Humanities and Arts Art (AR)
Chinese Language & Literature (CLL)
China Studies in Chinese (CSC)
China Studies in English (CSE)
Economics (EC)
English Literature (EL)
General Studies in Chinese (GSC)
Geography (GE)
History (HS)
Music (MEP)
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