2017 Cohort

Secondary & Pre-University Scholarships 2018

Our Junior High and Senior High students have once again done the school proud by attaining the following scholarships:

S/N Category Scholarship/Award Number of Students
1 Secondary A*STAR Science Award 4
2 Secondary DSTA-YDSP Scholarship 2
3 Secondary MOE SAP Scholarship 15
4 Secondary Prime Minister Book Prize 2
5 Pre-U A*STAR Science Award 5
6 Pre-U DSTA Junior College Scholarship 5
7 Pre-U Land Transport Authority Book Prize 1
8 Pre-U MOE Pre-U Scholarship 4
9 Pre-U MOE Chinese Language Elective Scholarship 6
10 Pre-U MOE German Language Elective Scholarship 1
11 Pre-U MOE Music Elective Scholarship 1
12 Pre-U MINDEF SAF Young Leader Award 1

Undergraduate Scholarships 2018

Our class of 2017 has done our school proud with their good academic results in the GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations, and also their outstanding CCA achievements, contributions to the community and talents in non-academic areas. Many have also attained scholarships from organisations and universities, and would continue to serve the community and leave an impact in the society.

The scholarships obtained include:

  • Public Service Commission Scholarship
  • Singapore Government Scholarship
  • Ministry of Education Teaching Scholarship
  • Ministry of Health Holdings Scholarship
  • Ministry of Family and Social Development Scholarship
  • A*STAR Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Defence Science and Technology Agency Scholarship
  • Ministry of Communications and Information Scholarship
  • Housing and Development Board Scholarship
  • Changi Airport Group Scholarship
  • Singapore-Industry Scholarship
  • Scholarships from local and overseas universities
Type of Scholarship Number Awarded
Public Service Commission (PSC) 2
Ministry 9
Statutory Board 4
Local University 50
Overseas University 1
Private Organisation 1

*Number is updated as of 30 September 2018.

Let’s meet some of our Dunmanians from the Class of 2017 and hear from them their thoughts on their choice of undergraduate studies and the scholarships they received! They have also some words of advice for the current Dunmanians.


Charlene Tjoe Fang Min 周芳慜
Class: 17Y6C31
Country of Study: United Kingdom
Course of Study: Economics
University: University of Warwick
Scholarship Awarded: PSC Scholarship

Charlene says:

“I am really grateful and honoured to be awarded the PSC Scholarship. I am thankful that the scholarship will provide me with many opportunities to contribute to Singapore and benefit Singaporeans through the policies that I help to formulate, as well as understand the needs on the ground. My university course, Economics, will equip me with the skills and knowledge regarding policy-making, enabling me to serve my nation better. Looking ahead, I hope that the Public Service will become more agile and better able to adapt to the rapid changes happening internationally and domestically, in the political, economic, social and technological sectors.

To all my juniors, if you truly have the heart to serve the Public, I encourage you to apply for the PSC Scholarship. It may seem daunting, but you will never know what you can achieve if you don’t try!”

Chng Zhe Ming 莊哲明
Class: 17Y6C23
Country of Study: United States of America
Course of Study: Computer Science
Scholarship Awarded: PSC Scholarship (Engineering)

Zhe Ming says:

“I am thankful and honoured to be awarded the PSC Engineering Scholarship. I am headed to the US to study computer science next year, after which, I hope to be able to contribute back to Singapore and further our aims of becoming a smart nation.

If I could share a piece of advice with juniors, it would be to take advantage of all the school has to offer. I feel that I have benefitted tremendously from the opportunities that the school has offered, which I am very grateful for. These have imparted both knowledge and a passion to serve which I believe will help me in my future public service career.”

Jessica Low Hui Chen 刘慧珍
Class: 17Y6C43
Country of Study: Singapore
Course of Study: Information Systems: Smart City Management and Technology
University: Singapore Management University
Scholarship Awarded: Singapore-Industry Scholarship (Ecquaria Technologies)

Jessica says:

“My venture into the tech industry was very incidental. When I went for SMU’s open house earlier this year, I found out about a new course offering — the Smart City Management & Technology major under the School of Information Systems. I was very excited when I heard it was an interdisciplinary degree, where I will do business and social science modules on top of information systems ones. I was sold, and applied for the course.

That is also why I applied for the SgIS Scholarship. As a local scholarship that provides entry to the private sector, they have been very generous in exposing scholars to different industries through talks and workshops (their exam welfare packs are amazing too). With this degree, I hope to be part of the process of creating technology that will improve the lives of people and businesses.

To those looking for a piece of advice: Work hard, but don’t worry too much if you don’t know what to do in the future. You will have time to figure things and/or change your mind. Take it from someone who spent too much time fretting only to find that it was quite unnecessary after all.”

Neo Ling Li 梁伶励
Class: 17Y6C41
Country of Study: Singapore
Course of Study: Occupational Therapy
University: Singapore Institute of Technology
Scholarship Awarded: Healthcare Merit Award

Ling Li says:

“Healthcare has always been a clear choice for me due to the influence of my Co-Curricular Activity, St. John Brigade. Besides the exposure to first-aid, I was surrounded by people who invest wholeheartedly in our personal development. This trust placed in us motivates us to strive for self-improvement. Being purpose-driven, I know that the nurturing environment which the healthcare sector provides will allow me to contribute my best.

I am definitely far from a model student. I struggled hard in Year 5 and 6. At my lowest when everyone was telling me to give up my commitments, it was the small words of belief from my truest friends and teachers that gave me strength.

I totally believe everyone who survived through Year 5 and 6 is amazing. I encourage my juniors to hold on dearly to the people who strengthen your confidence. Through the varied experiences we gain in Dunman High School, start honing your self-awareness of your strengths, weaknesses and interests. Most importantly, always carry a heart to serve.”

Ting Wan Lin 丁琬霖
Class: 17Y6C22
Country of Study: Singapore
Course of Study: Political Science
University: National University of Singapore
Scholarship Awarded: MCI Information Service Scholarship, Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding Bicultural Students

Wan Lin says:

“I’m immensely thankful to my family, teachers and friends for their support and encouragement, for working hard alongside with me in this bilingualism journey. Being effectively bilingual has given me so many privileges in life, such as being able to code switch with ease and helping me to traverse through the subtle nuances in both languages and cultures. These are skills I deeply treasure and I hope that one day, in my own way, I would be able to benefit others from the knowledge and values I have acquired from the Bicultural Studies Programme.”

Lin Huiqing 林慧清
Class: 17Y6C31
Country of Study: Singapore
University: Singapore University of Technology and Design
Scholarship Awarded: SUTD Technological Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP) Scholarship

Huiqing says:

“I decided to pursue my undergraduate studies in SUTD as I want to be a technological entrepreneur. Thus, SUTD was the natural choice to me as I felt that SUTD has an environment that encourages exploration and start-up culture while providing an engineering education – the ability to actually bring our ideas to life. Upon receiving the SUTD Technological Entrepreneurship Programme Scholarship, I felt empowered to pursue what I wanted to achieve and went on to participate in events and competitions related to what I want to do.

One piece of advice to juniors would be to seek the advice of seniors who have experienced some time at the university of your choice already so as to make informed decisions as they may provide some insights that you would not be able to glint elsewhere. It would be good to go for the open houses and career fairs as well to find out more about what you are getting themselves into when they choose their universities and what you would be studying.”

Gabriel Chan Kang Rui 张康瑞
Class: 17Y6C44
Country of Study: Singapore
Course of Study: Life Science and Chemistry Double Major
University: National University of Singapore
Scholarship Awarded: NUS Merit Scholarship

Gabriel says:

“I have a vested interest in marine creatures, intrigued by the diversity present in the Earth’s water bodies, and many yet undiscovered. The rise of global warming has upset the marine ecosystem, wiping out masses of coral reefs across the globe. This cemented my decision to study Marine Biology and delve into research in the future, which while fueling my interest in aquatic life, will also enable me to make contributions towards preserving the marine ecosystem.

I saw Life Science Major in NUS as a great platform for me to study on nature, also giving me room to explore other possible areas of study, before gradually specialising in the later years of the course. I chose to take Chemistry as a complimentary major, as I believe the knowledge gained through this degree can be well-applied when it comes to future research work. My goal is to be a Marine Biologist, to research on marine creatures, make discoveries and publish findings and solutions to mitigate the loss of marine biodiversity.

To my juniors: ‘A’ Levels are but an entry ticket to your desired course. As you work hard to score well in the national examinations, do also take some time off to explore and discover your interests.”

Sheryl Teo Xue Le 张雪乐
Class: 17Y6C12
Country of Study: Singapore
Course of Study: Liberal Arts
University: Yale-NUS College
Scholarship Awarded: Yale-NUS Global Leader Scholarship

Sheryl says:

“I was incredibly excited to have the opportunity to study Liberal Arts under the Yale-NUS Global Leader Scholarship. The interdisciplinary curriculum and extremely diverse student body create the perfect environment for me to step out of my comfort zone, expose myself to other cultures, and explore fields of study that I may not have had the chance to dive into before. I hope that this broad-based education will eventually equip me with the skills to adapt to a 21 st century Singapore, and eventually to serve the community through engagement with activist groups.

If I were to give any advice to my juniors, it would be to never be afraid to ask your teachers for help with schoolwork, and also to remember to explore non-academic pursuits! It was only when I left school that I realised that studying hard is important, but so is developing interest and ability in a separate skill.”

Lim Yi Jing Carina 林义靖
Class: 17Y6C35
Country of Study: Singapore
Course of Study: Materials Engineering
University: Nanyang Technological University
Scholarship Awarded: A*STAR Undergraduate Scholarship

Carina says:

“I have found my passion in Materials Engineering as the endless possibilities and the immense unfulfilled potential of materials is something that captivates my interest and fascinates me.

I am extremely grateful to be able to receive the A*STAR Scholarship has it has opened many learning opportunities as well as provide a supportive community of like-minded scholars. I am inspired to continue my research in nanomaterials which I believe have the potential to tackle the challenges that both Singapore and the world face in areas such as sustainable energy and improved healthcare.

To the juniors, I strongly encourage you to participate in more experience programmes such as short internships and research stints to find the most suitable field for you. These experiences can provide much deeper insights and paint a more accurate picture of your interested field that no university admission brochure nor career pamphlet can portray. All the best!”

Chan Ker Wei 陈可为
Class: 17Y6C13
Country of Study: China
Course of Study: Finance
University: Peking University
Scholarship Awarded: Peking University Scholarship, China Government Scholarship

Ker Wei says:

“I decided to study in Peking University in order to gain experience of living and studying abroad as I believe that this would enable me to grow not only academically but, more importantly, individually to become more independent.

On one hand, I foresee that my four-year experience in China would provide me with a different insight of the world, which is becoming increasingly significant with China’s growing presence in international economics and finance. On the other hand, going to Peking University would also allow me to explore my interest in the Chinese culture and history with Beijing as the starting point.

To the juniors, I urge you to try out the different paths laid in front of us and not simply reject any possibilities. Every path has its own pros and cons. Consider not only what is seen as the best, but also what provides you with the most opportunities and suits you the most. Most importantly, it should be one that you truly like so you will not regret it.”

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