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Dunman High School Performing Arts Centre (PAC) Concert Hall

Dunman High School Performing Arts Centre (PAC) was built in 2010 and is located next to the hostel and the school’s Media Resource Library. The location of the PAC is easily accessible via Tanjong Rhu Road or Kampong Arang Road. Parking is convenient due to the presence of the HDB multi-storey carpark along Kampong Arang, in addition to the school hostel’s carpark.

The PAC has a large stage of dimension 31-55 feet by 28 feet and may accommodate up to a maximum of 80 performers on the stage. There are portable risers/ platforms available for performing groups such as choir to elevate the performers on the stage. The acoustic panels can be adjusted according to the requirements of the performance. The 848-seater hall comprises of 574 stall and 274 gallery seats and as such is also suitable for large-scale events such as conferences and seminars. On the 2nd level, there are also 8 music practice rooms of various sizes which can accommodate up to 20 people. This could facilitate tuning sessions or act as holding rooms for performers.

The PAC also has up-to-date lighting and sound systems which will provide a good viewing experience.


德明政府中学表演艺术中心音乐厅建立于二零一零年,它位于德明政府中学校园内,紧靠德 明政府中学宿舍,由图书馆涵美楼旁侧直上三楼。前往音乐厅交通便利,停车方便,除了校园内的停车场外,学校紧挨着一座组屋多层停车场。观众可由 Tanjong Rhu road或Kampong Arang进入音乐厅。

音乐厅的大型舞台宽31-55尺,深28尺,可以容纳70到80人编制的大型乐团,舞 台可以提供梯级式的站台让合唱团的演出,可以移动的反音板让您调整适合您要求的音响。848个座位(楼下574,楼上274)的观众席非常适合举行各类型 的音乐会和音乐活动。二楼的陈延谦音乐中心有八间大小不一可容纳十到二十人的琴房可以配合音乐会或音乐活动同时使用。 音乐厅也可以举办综合性表演艺术演出、大型研讨会或讲座、标准的灯光设备可以让一般的舞蹈、戏剧、话剧等进行演出。

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