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Key Personnel

Bicultural Studies Programme

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Name Designation
Mdm Jiang Ling
HOD/Mother Tongue Language (Junior High)
Mr Goh Liang Zhou
HOD/Mother Tongue Languages (Senior High)
Mr Lin Junkai
HOD/Special Assistance Plan
Ms Hon Shuzhen
SH/Mother Tongue Language (Junior High)
Mr Low Chee Keong Timothy
SH/Mother Tongue Languages (Senior High)
Ms Teh Shi Ling
SH/Special Assistance Plan
Ms Lee Yuet Meng Audrina
HOD/English Language (Junior High)
Mr Lester Ian Lim Choong Siang
HOD/ English Language (Senior High)
Ms Kheng Hwee Teng
SH/English Language 1
Ms Fu Yuanting Desiree
SH/English Language 2
Ms Siti Shafaa Bte Yang Razali
SH/General Paper
Alicia Ng Yi-May
SH/General Paper
Ms Rathiy Devi D/o Ramanathan
SH/English Literature (Senior High)

Humanities & Aesthetics Programme

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Name Designation
Mr Teo Joo Cheong
HOD/Humanities (Junior High)
Ms Tan Chien Ming
HOD/Humanities (Senior High)
Ms Ng Mui Leng
SH/Geography (Junior High)
Mr Goh Lian Kiah Vincent
SH/Humanities (Senior High)
Ms Noorizan Beevi Abdul Aziz
SH/Citizenship Education
Ms Lee Chin Sin
Mdm Tan Ai Ling Debbie
Ms Tan Yushi
SH/Art [Acting]

Mathematics & Sciences Programme

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Name Designation
Ms Lai Ruiwen
HOD/Mathematics (Junior High)
Ms Jessica Goh Fenyu
SH/Mathematics (Junior High)
Mr Tan Chih Yuan Edmund
HOD/Mathematics (Senior High)
Mr Wee Hock Guan
SH/Mathematics (Senior High)
Mr Ooi Ming Fong James
SH/Mathematics (Senior High)
Mrs Phua-Loo Poh Lim
HOD/Science (Junior High)
Mr Tan Leong Howe
HOD/Science (Senior High)
Mr Ong Wei Xiang Adrian
SH/Lower Sec Science
(Junior High)
Mr Ng Jie Li Jeffrey
SH/Biology (Junior High)
Ms Ye Meixiu
SH/Biology (Senior High)
Mr Goh Wei Bin
SH/Chemistry (Senior High)

Knowledge Skills Programme

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Name Designation
Mr Lee Seng Lee
HOD/Talent Development & Knowledge Skills
Ms Wong Min Tzu Sharilyn
SH/Talent Development [Acting]
Mr Chen Shunfa
SH/Design, Innovation & Research
Mr Chew Soon Chiang Martin
SH/Project Work

Organisational Excellence

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Name Designation
Mr Ang Eng Choon
HOD/Corporate Relations
Mr Chong Hon Chung
SH/Corporate Relations (Partnerships)
Mr Chan Boon Kian
SH/Corporate Relations (Publicity)
Mdm Ho Su Siew
Mr Tiah Jun Kai
SH/Data and Information Management 1
Mr Neo Boon Kiat Ronson
SH/Data and Information Management 2
Mdm Lam Non Har Serene
School Staff Developer

Holistic Development

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Name Designation
Mr Chew Tah Lee
HOD/Physical Education
Mrs Chew-Tan Bee Hong
SH/Physical Education
Ilyana Hardianti Bte Hartono W
HOD/Co-Curricular Activities
Ms Ang Peiyu
SH/Co-Curricular Activities (Aesthetics)
Mr Boh Weiliang Brandon
SH/Co-Curricular Activities (Sports) [Acting]
Mr Jason Chen Quansheng
HOD/Student Management and Character & Citizenship Education
Ms Tan Kae Ling
HOD/Careers, Scholarships & Higher Education
Ms Yeo Kim Neo Michelle
SH/Character & Citizenship Education (Year 1 & 2)
Ms Lim Ern Chze, Angie
SH/Character & Citizenship Education (Year 3 & 4)
Ms Sharlene Loh Wan Fong
SH/Character & Citizenship Education (Year 5 & 6)
Mr Chin Wei Ming Darren
SH/Values in Action (VIA)
Mdm Janet Leong Foong Lin
HOD/Student Leadership
Ms Aow Ci Hui
SH/Student Leadership (Junior High)
Mr Ho Xin An
SH/Student Leadership (Senior High)
Mdm Loh Chien Yuen June
Year Head/Year 1 & 2
Mr Royston Han Yao Hong
Year Head/Year 3 & 4
Ms Chen Huiqing Christine
Year Head/Year 5 & 6
Ms Lee Siew Choo
Assistant Year Head/Year 1 & 2
Ms Vaz Cecilia Anne Angela
Assistant Year Head/Year 1 & 2 [Acting]
Ms Heng Li Tze
Assistant Year Head/Year 3 & 4 [Acting]
Ms Geraldine Raphaela Joseph
Assistant Year Head/Year 3 & 4
Ms Maryam Bte Mohamed Mokhtar
Assistant Year Head/Year 5 & 6 [Acting]
Mr Low Thiam Yew Alvin
Assistant Year Head/Year 5 & 6 [Acting]
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