Careers, Scholarships and Higher Education

As the education landscape expands and evolves, students are offered myriad options and possibilities for their future ahead. The Careers, Scholarships and Higher Education (CSHE) Programme prepares our students to make well-informed decisions on their future options that best match their interests, strengths and aspirations.

The CSHE programme is anchored in an EDGE framework that spells out the student outcomes that we aspire to develop in each Dunmanian across all the domains during his or her journey in Dunman High. The outcomes are developmental and reinforced through every stage of a Dunmanian’s education. It is also grounded in the school’s vision for each Dunmanian to be lifelong learners and Leaders of Honour.

The EDGE framework comprises four stages: Excellence, Drive, Growth, Empowerment.

Every Dunmanian strives to be the best that he/she can be. He/She possesses drive and embraces a growth mindset. He/She is an active contributor who takes an active role in bettering the lives of others in society.

Excellence is a way of being. It is not the result. When students develop a mindset for excellence, they give their best in all that they do. They live by their moral compass consistently, and stay focused on and true to their purpose in life.

What does it mean in CSHE for students and the Role of CSHE: We believe that every Dunmanian has the capacity and capability to be the best that they can be.

Students with a drive to succeed takes ownership in exploring their own purpose in life. They have the initiative and courage to step up to be of service to others. They live authentically and are grateful for all that they have.

What does it mean in CSHE for students: Students take ownership in exploring the myriad CSHE options which in turn allow them to discover their self-identify and purpose in life.

The Role of CSHE: CSHE supports students by offering them diverse opportunities to explore their options and educating them on the importance of early preparation as well as future-readiness.

With a drive to succeed, students believe that they can identify their areas of growth and make a definitive plan to better themselves. Possessing a spirit of resilience and adaptability, they are able to face challenges and failures and see them as stepping stones to achieve their cause.

What does it mean in CSHE for students: Students take deliberate steps to work on the necessary skills and attributes that are necessary for them to pursue their cause.

The Role of CSHE: CSHE provides the necessary guidance through mentorship and workshops.

Embracing an excellence mindset and a spirit of lifelong learning, students actively leverage on opportunities to pursue a cause that makes a positive difference in the society. They take full responsibility for how they show up in all aspects of their lives and being accountable for the outcomes they create.

What does it mean in CSHE for students: Through the Dunmanian journey, students explore their purposes in life and do active research on their future options.

The Role of CSHE: Under the guidance of the CSHE team alongside teachers and in collaboration with alumni who are invited as inspirational figures to share their experiences, students make well-informed and well-considered decisions on their scholarship and higher education options which would support them in pursuing the purpose.


Our students come from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds, interests and personalities. The diversity affirms that every student who is willing to work hard and possesses the altruism to serve can succeed. With a well-considered decision on their scholarship and university, our students are empowered to become accomplished Dunmanians, scale higher peaks of excellence in life and make significant contributions to the society as Leaders of Honour.

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