DHS65 – Logo Design Exhibition 校庆65周年图标: 同德合力共绘蓝图

In anticipation of the 65th anniversary celebration of Dunman High School, the The Dunmanian Family Draws: DHS65 Logo Design Competition was launched to encourage and provide a platform for members of the Dunman High family to express their creativity and share their aspirations for the school’s future.

We saw a very positive response for the competition, especially from our students. Our participants submitted artworks based on the theme of this year’s celebration – Our Heritage, Our Journey, Our Future; 不忘初心,锐意进取,继往开来,再谱华章. It is most heartening for us as our participants shared their collective Dunman High memories, and hopes and dreams for the school through their artist statements. We sincerely thank all participants for being involved in the competition!

The winners of the competition are Tan Ee Naa (21Y6C46) and Vanessa Quek Jinghui (21Y5C47).

Our Heritage, Our Journey, Our Future

We are proud to showcase the artworks of the finalists in our DHS65 Logo Design Exhibition.

Please click on each logo to view its enlarged version and its accompanying artist statement.

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