2020/08/27 to 2020/10/15

Staying United Through Challenges   Celebrating Mid-Autumn As One
启新常态尽呈德明范   同上下心云续中秋缘

Staying United Through Challenges  Celebrating Mid-Autumn As One

BSP Council and CLEP Council will present MAF 2020 to Dunmanians! There’ll be many exciting pre-recorded activities and performances such as riddle games, dancing, and Chinese Orchestra recitals.There will also be various contests that you can participate in and great prizes to be won!  Participate in the festivities on Dunman High’s school website on 18 September 2020, we’ll see you there!

Click here to enter the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration page.

启新常态尽呈德明范   同上下心云续中秋缘



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