Mission, Vision & Logo

East Zone Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (EZ COE T&L)

Dunman High School has been designated as the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (EZ COE T&L) with effect from 2011.

In line with its vision, the EZ COE T&L aspires to serve as a focal point and a centre of activity where teachers who are passionate to hone their craft can come together to learn and strive for excellence in their teaching, thereby promoting a culture of continued professional development. Also, it reminds educators to view themselves as learners as well as teachers.


“To support teachers to enhance professional practice in curriculum design, pedagogy and assessment.”


“A Hub of Excellence for The Learning Teacher”

To achieve this, we set out to line up a series of programmes featuring workshops on Curriculum Design, Pedagogy or Assessment, where teachers could learn from leading academics in these areas. Sharing of various schools’ best practices and professional conversations will also be arranged so that teachers may build upon the experiences of others. It also seeks to complement the work of other organisations such as the Academy of Singapore Teachers,  National Institute of Education and other Centres of Excellence.

Other means of support for the EZ schools include the availability of resources for loan and booking of our EZ COE T&L Resource Room for conducting various professional development sessions. For teachers who would like to record classroom lessons using the in-built video and audio recording facilities, the Dunman High School Experimental and Observation Classrooms may also be booked.

The East Zone Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning  (EZ COE T&L) Logo

The logo symbolises all East Zone schools converging on a central focal point which serves as the Hub of Excellence. Three of the petals resemble the letters C, O and E, whileT&L is featured on the rightmost petal, signifying that it is the East Zone COE T&L. The colours also represent the vibrancy of both the EZ COE T&L and teachers from the EZ schools.

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