1.What is the Dunman High Programme?

The Dunman High Programme (DHP) is a six-year integrated programme leading directly to the GCE A-level Examination. It provides academically talented students with an enriched curriculum that aims to develop higher level thinking as well as intellectual depth, to inculcate active citizenry, develop a global outlook, cultivate an innovative and enterprising spirit, build strong bilingual proficiency and infuse a deep understanding of China and Chinese culture. The DHP is anchored on our Philosophy of Education, which forms the basis of what we do, how we do and why we do in Dunman High to provide a forward looking education for our students.

The DHP focuses on building a strong academic foundation and providing an enriched, inter-disciplinary and differentiated curriculum. It is structured around the Bicultural Studies Programme, the Humanities & Aesthetics Programme, the Mathematics & Science Programme and the Knowledge Skills Programme. Through these, the DHP facilitates quality learning and prepares students for the GCE A-Level examinations, by offering a wide range and combination of academic subjects for our students to choose from.




我校综合课程通过内容丰富的跨学科课程和差异教学方式,为学生奠定扎实的学术基础。该课程以四大学术架构为支柱, 包括双文化课程,人文美学课程,数理课程及知识研究课程,努力为学生提供高素质的学习活动,让他们可以从广泛的学科组合中选科修读,并为他们参加剑桥 ‘A’水准考试做好充分的准备。

2. What is Dunman High School Philosophy of Education?

In Dunman High School, we view character and cognitive development as fundamental to the holistic education of our students. We seek to equip every Dunmanian with the disposition and competencies needed to thrive in an increasingly complex world. We believe every student should have the ability to collaborate well, think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively in both English and Chinese. In line with Confucian philosophy and our values of honesty, trustworthiness, moral courage and loyalty, we strive to nurture Dunmanians with a passion for life and learning. We are committed to developing active citizens who care deeply for others, have a heart to serve, and take the lead to change the world for the better.



我校向来把发展学生的品格和认知作为全人教育的基础。 发展每个德明人的性情和能力,使之能在这个日益复杂的世界里茁壮成长,这是我们孜孜以求的目标。我们坚信,每个学生都应该拥有和他人携手合作的能力,能进行批判性和创造性思考,能以双语有效沟通。秉持着儒家思想及德明的校训—诚、信、 勇、忠,我们努力激发德明人对生活和学习的热情。我们希望每个德明人都拥有积极的公民意识,关怀他人,以服务民众为己任,并领导社群创造更美好的世界。

3. How does Dunman High School develop student character?

At Dunman High School, we believe that a meaningful and rewarding educational experience is built on character development. This view of education is strongly influenced by Confucius’ “Great Learning”.

Dunmanians develop character by adopting the Head, Heart and Hands approach, which is underscored by “Great Learning”, which states that a cultivated person needs to have three elements: knowledge to understand matters (Head), sincerity in thoughts (Heart) and service in different capacities (Hands).

We strive to nurture Dunmanians to become Leaders of Honour who embody the following outcomes: moral integrity (Honesty, Trustworthiness, Moral Courage and Loyalty), idealism to advocate positive change, active citizenry and a global outlook while being rooted to Singapore. By internalising and exercising these Dunmanian Outcomes, we believe that our students will desire “to care, to serve and to lead”. When Dunmanians cultivate a heart to care, this will translate into an impetus to serve as they realise that service to others is key to making this world a better place.

With character development as the premise of our Philosophy of Education, our students are guided and encouraged to use their Head, Heart and Hands as they develop into Leaders of Honour who will care, serve and lead both within and beyond the Dunman High family.




我校在培养学生的良好品格方面,依循着“认知、体验、实践”的既定方案, 并以《大学》之精神为依归,以“格物” 、“诚意”、“治国”的主从顺序,引导品格培育计划。

我校的品格培育计划旨在培养学生成为堂正君子:以校训“诚信勇忠”为座右铭,秉持崇高的道德信念、积极创造与革新,并且心系祖国,放眼世界。这目标也和我校的使命是一致的,即在内化与实践的同时,使学生成为“关怀,服务,领 导”社会的国民。德明人发自内心的关怀,将转化为服务他人的动力,让世界更加美好。

品格培育乃我校教育理念之基础,我们以此引导与鼓励学生运用“认知、体验、 实践”模式,充分发掘学生潜能,使他们成为“关怀、服务、领导”社会的堂 正君子、社稷栋梁,为学校以及社会做出贡献。

4. How does Dunman High School develop students as Leaders?

Dunman High School aims to develop Dunmanians as Leaders of Honour who will Care, Serve and Lead. We believe that character development is the central tenet of leadership. With this in mind, a Student Leadership Development Programme has been designed to secure the base by providing opportunities for every Dunmanian to learn about leadership while stretching the most capable of our student leaders through a series of leadership development programmes.




5. Does the school have any Talent Development Programme?

Yes. Dunman High School offers the Talent Development Programme (DHS TDP), which is one of Dunman High’s key programmes specially tailored for high-ability students to achieve peaks of excellence in and across varied fields. DHS TDP aims to foster high-ability students’ cognitive development and to nurture their affective and character development through these programmes.

Our philosophy for school-wide enrichment for Talent Development is guided by Gagné’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness & Talent (DMGT) and its structure is influenced by Renzulli’s School Enrichment Model (SEM). TDP is offered in four main domains:

  • School-based Gifted Education (SBGE) Programme,
  • Humanities & Aesthetics Talent Development Programme,
  • Languages Talent Development Programme, and
  • STEM Talent Development Programme.

More information can be found in the DHS TDP link. Please click here.



有。 人才培育计划是我校的关键计划之一,专为能力强的学生量身定制,旨在发展高材生的潜能,让他们的认知、情感和性格得到进一步发展,从而帮助他们在各个领域甚至跨领域达到卓越的顶峰。

我们全校性的人才培育计划,是在Gagné的天才区别模式(DMGT)理论的指导下,其结构受Ronzulli的学校强化模式(SEM)的影响。 人才培育计划主要包括以下四个领域:

  • 校本高材计划,
  • 人文与美学人才培育计划,
  • 语言人才发展计划,
  • 科学、技术、工程和数学(STEM)人才培育计划。


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