Parent Support Group


To strengthen the ties between the school and the parents for the well-being of our students by fostering a closer working partnership among all stakeholders, namely students, parents, and the School.


  • To serve as a communication link between the School and parents
  • To support and assist the School in its programmes and activities
  • To organize events & activities which benefit parents, students and the School

Join Dunman High School Parent Support Group now!

Calling out to all parents of Dunmanians! Make your parenting journey memorable by joining the DHS Parent Support Group (PSG)! We are a vibrant and passionate group of parents, actively involved in our children’s DHS journey to create a win-win situation for the school, parents and teachers.

All parents / guardians of current Dunman High School students are welcome to join PSG. Scan the QR Code or register via the following link:

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Stay tuned with the updates of current and future activities organised by PSG and school!

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德明家长会 (PSG) 的使命,是加强学校和家长之间的联系,并在学校、家长、学生和社区等各持份者之间,建立密切的合作伙伴关系,以培养我们孩子“关怀、服务、领导”的品格。


  • 作为学校与家长之间沟通的管道
  • 协助与支持学校所举办的各种活动
  • 鼓励家长成为会员,并通过座谈会、讲座和联谊活动使家长们有所进益


各位德明家长及监护人,您们好!我们是一群充满着活力和 热情、本着贡献精神的家长。我们认为家长若能在子女的德 明学习旅程当中积极参与,对学校、家长和老师都有莫大禆 益。我们欢迎所有在籍德明学生的家长及监护人加入成为会 员,就让我们一同分享和经历作为德明家长这趟旅程吧!





2021/2022 PSG Executive Committee

Chairperson 主席 Ms. Karlyn Looi 雷彬彬
Vice Chairperson 副主席 Mr. Benson Lee 李荣基
Vice Chairperson 副主席 Ms. Tung Yoke Yee 邓玉仪
Advisor 顾问 Mr. Alvin Lee Chong Yin 李昌仁
Secretary 秘书 Ms. Amy Wong 黄于飞
Assistant Secretary 副秘书 Ms. Shirley Thum 谭舒蜺
Treasurer 财政 Mr. Dominic Chu 朱浩章
Assistant Treasurer 副财政 Ms. Zhao Jiaqi 赵珈錡
Events and Activities Team
1. Ms. Juliana Poh 傅莲娜
2. Mr. Lionell Yeo 杨金臻
3. Mr. Kenny Chia 謝逸中
4. Ms. Annissa Koh 许倩芸
5. Ms. Selena Tay 郑美卿
6. Ms. Michelle Yong 杨秀萍
Internal Auditor 内部审计 1. Mr. Philip Sy 施麒麟
2. Ms. Noelle Lee 李树玲
Publicity 宣传组 1. Ms. Jenny Wong 黃明慧
2. Ms. Cindy Lim 林雪玲
Chinese Liaison 中文联系 1. Ms. Linda Rao 饶丽凌
2. Ms. Liu Jun 刘君

PSG Liaison Teachers

HOD / Science (Junior High) Mrs Phua-Loo Poh Lim
School Staff Developer Mdm Lam Non Har Serene

PSG Events Calendar 2021


PSG Events Calendar 2020

Although majority of PSG’s events & activities have been postponed or re-scheduled due to the pandemic of Covid-19 in 2020, DHS PSG were able to adapt and reinvent the format of our activities to continue to support the school and the students.

Event 活动项目 Date 日期
Year 1 Parents & CCA Briefing 中一家长及课外活动简介会 10 Jan 2020
Chaperones for Chingay National Education Show 陪伴监护学生观赏妆艺大游行国民教育预演 18 Jan 2020
Chinese New Year Celebration – PSG CNY lunch with Staff 庆祝农历新年午餐团拜 31 Jan 2020
Appreciating Our Cleaners’ Work

Distributed “Welfare Thank You Packs” (Sponsored)

家长会致送感谢礼包予学校清洁工人 11 Mar 2020
DHS e-Open House 线上校园开放日 23 May 2020
PSG Members’ Online Meeting via Zoom 线上家长会会议 4 Jul 2020
PSG Activity via Zoom – Sharing of your Best or Favourite Dish Event 线上会员联谊活动–食谱分享 18 Jul 2020
Year 1 Career talk – “Appreciating All Walks of Life” 中一线上职业导赏讲座 14 Sep 2020
Teachers’ Day Treat Tau Hway Party for DHS Staff and Teachers’ Day Appreciation Gift (Sponsored) 教师节豆腐花派对及致送教师节礼物 31 Aug 2020
Hwaiting Snack Packs for A Level & O Level Students (Sponsored) 派发果仁点心予A考、O考同学,以兹鼓励 9 Oct 2020
PSG Members’ Online Meeting cum Annual General Meeting (AGM) via Zoom 线上家长会会议兼常年会员大会 17 Oct 2020
End of Year Ice-Cream Parteh for DHS Students & Staff (Sponsored) 学年末冰淇淋派对 22 Oct 2020
Year 5 Career Talk 高一线上职业讲座 20 Nov 2020
DHS Mini e-Open House 线上小型校园开放日 28 Nov 2020
2021 Year 1 Registration 中一入学登记日 TBA

Events co-organized, assisted and supported by the PSG

2020 PSG Members’ Online Meeting cum Annual General Meeting (AGM) via Zoom

2020 PSG Activity via Zoom – Sharing of Your Best or Favourite Dish Event

2020 Hwaiting Snack Packs for Graduating Students

2020 End of Year Ice-Cream Parteh for DHS Students & Staff

2020 Teachers’ Day Treat Tau Hway Party for DHS Staff and Teachers’ Day Appreciation Gifts

2020 Appreciating our Cleaners’ Work “Welfare Thank You Packs” Distribution  

2019 DHS-PSG Ice-Cream Party

2019 Year Night Study Dinner

2019 Year PSG Networking Session

2019 Year Mid- Autumn Festival

2019 Year 4th PSG Meeting

2019 Teacher’s Day Dinner

2019 Night Study Dinner
The Senior High Night Study Programme officially started on Monday,  29th July with the school’s Parent Support Group (PSG) kick-starting the night by providing a sumptuous dinner! A big thank you to all parent volunteers who took time off from their busy schedules to organise this dinner for Dunmanians. About 250 Senior High students turned up for the programme, and our PSG ensured that they were all well fed. To save the environment, many of the students also brought their utensils. The first night of the programme saw the school’s Media Resource Library almost full, and yet it was quiet and peaceful throughout the evening. It looks like the Senior High students are all settling down to study.

2019 Year 3rd PSG Meeting

Higher Chinese Language (HCL) Sharing 

2019 Open House

2019 Honours Day

2019 Year 2nd PSG Meeting

2019 Year 1st Networking Activity 

2019 Chinese New Year

2019 Year Senior High Open House










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