Parent Support Group

The vision of Dunman High School (DHS) Parent Support Group (PSG) is to strengthen the ties between the school and the parents for the well-being of our students.  To achieve that, we believe in fostering a closer working partnership among all stakeholders, namely students, parents, school and the community so as to nurture and cultivate our children to be able to Care, Share and Lead.

家援会的愿景是加强学校和家长之间的联系 ,并在学校、家长、学生和社区之间建立密切的合作伙伴关系,以培养我们孩子“关怀、服务、领导”的品格。


  • To serve as a communication link between the School and parents
  • To assist and support the School in its programmes and activities
  • To encourage parents to be part of PSG and enrich them by organizing parenting talks, workshops and bonding activities

2017 / 2018 PSG Executive Committee

PSG Liaison Teachers

HOD / Science (Junior High) Mrs Phua-Loo Poh Lim
HOD / Corporate Relations Mr Ang Eng Choon
Head / Math (Senior High) Mdm Lau Min Yin Emmeline

Calendar of Events

Events Date Time
1st PSG Meeting 13 Jan (Sat) 1400 – 1600 hrs
1st Networking Day 联谊活动 24 Mar (Sat) TBC
2nd PSG Meeting 21 Apr (Sat) 1400 – 1600 hrs
3rd PSG Meeting 19 May (Sat) 1400 – 1600 hrs
4th PSG Meeting 7 Jul (Sat) 1400 – 1600 hrs
5th PSG Meeting 22 Sept (Sat) 1400 – 1600 hrs
AGM (Annual General Meeting)
20 Oct (Sat) 1400 – 1600 hrs

Events co-organized, assisted and supported by the PSG 活动表

  • Chinese New Year Celebrations and Lunch 农历新年庆祝活动和午宴
  • Talks / Workshops for Parents 家长讲座
  • Annual Prize Giving and Speech Day 常年颁奖典礼
  • Sponsor of ‘Outstanding Dunmanian Award’ 赞助杰出德明学生奖
  • Work Experience Programme 学生工作实习计划
  • Career Talk for Students 职业讲座
  • DHS Open House 开放日
  • Fund raising activities 筹款
  • Networking Potluck session 联谊活动
  • Teachers’ Day Celebrations 教师节庆祝活动
  • Lunch and Dinner receptions for foreign guests 接待外宾与聚餐
  • Year 6 Night Study Programme 高中备考夜读计划
  • A-level Well-wishes Project 激励祝语计划
  • Year 1 Registration 中一新生注册日
  • Singapore Thailand Enhanced Partnership (STEP) 新泰学生交流计划
  • Various celebration activities (eg. 55th Anniversary Dinner Reception, Kaleidoscope, etc) 各类庆祝活动

Join Us

Parents interested in joining the PSG Committee may contact us at to obtain a softcopy of the application form.

The membership form can be submitted to the school liaison teachers through your child’s form teacher or you could also email the details required in the form to the PSG email address

For parents who wishes to access Parent Portal, please click here.

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