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Scholarship Programme

DHS seeks to develop Leaders of Honour who are high achieving and loyal citizens with a global outlook. As the education landscape expands and evolves, students are offered myriad options and possibilities for their future ahead. The Scholarships and Higher Education (SHE) Programme prepares our students to make well-informed decisions on their future options that best match their interests, strengths and aspirations.

The SHE programme is based on a progressive EDGE framework that comprises of four stages: Enlightenment, Development, Guidance, Excellence.


Starting from Year 4, students will gain awareness of the diverse range of scholarships and higher education options available and understand the importance of early preparation through our annual Careers, Scholarships and Higher Education Day. Our students can then exercise prudent selection of subject combination and purposeful developmental opportunities when they are deciding their scholarships and universities in future.


As students embark on their journey in Senior High, they will gain a deeper understanding of the various scholarships and universities through talks by local and overseas universities and scholarship providers.  While keeping their options open, our students will also obtain relevant experiences to gain an edge in their applications.


In Year 6, students will hone necessary skills and be equipped with knowledge to support their scholarship and university applications. Our all-round achievers in Year 6 will also be offered the opportunity to participate in the DHScholars Programme. The programme strengthens their scholarly attributes and supports them to develop an edge in their scholarships and universities applications through customized modules and structured mentoring sessions.


The above three approaches are aimed towards achieving the final outcome of Excellence in all our students, where they make well-considered decisions in their scholarship and higher education options. In addition, graduated Dunmanians also strive to return to support the younger Dunmanians in scholarships and higher education matters.

Our students come from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds, interests and personalities. The diversity affirms that every student who is willing to work hard and possesses the altruism to serve can succeed. With a well-considered decision on their scholarship and university, our students are empowered to become accomplished Dunmanians, scale higher peaks of excellence in life and make significant contributions to the society as Leaders of Honours.

If you would like to contact us, you may email us at scholarships@dhs.sg.

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