Languages Talent Development

Dunman High’s Talent Development in Languages seeks to enhance our Dunmanians’ edge as Leaders of Honour and effective bilingual communicators, who are able to demonstrate strong understanding and deft application of bicultural perspective-taking and analysis of global and national issues.

We offer multiple MOE special programmes such as the Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP-MOE) and the Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) to aspiring bicultural talents who wish to grow their capacity to effectively interact with China as well as relate to the West, as well as GEP special programmes such as Creative Arts Programme (CAP) or external programmes such as Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP) for Dunmanians who want to hone their creative writing skills in English.

We also offer complementary CCAs such as Oratorical Society, Chinese Society and in-house TDP such as the Bicultural Studies Talent Development Programme and the Chinese Language Talent Development Programme (CLTDP), which focuses on Debate, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, and Translation in both Junior High (Secondary) and Senior High (Junior College).

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