A Level Results
24th February 2017

2016 GCE ‘A’ Level Results

The school is proud of the 2016 Year 6 cohort for their hard work and achievements at the 2016 GCE A-Level Examinations.

A total of 389 Dunmanians sat for the Examinations in 2016, and they have done themselves and the school proud with their hard work and achievements!

Almost 50% (187 Dunmanians) scored at least 3 H2 Distinctions, with 136 attaining at least 6 Distinctions, 60 scoring at least 7 Distinctions and 9 achieving 8 Distinctions.

The percentage distinctions achieved for 26 out of the 32 H1 and H2 subjects are above national averages. In addition, 49% of our H3 students scored a Distinction for their H3 subjects.

With our Dunmanians’ excellent academic performance and achievements in the CCAs, they have proven to be able to care, to serve and to lead, and ready to contribute to society and Singapore in their capacities as Leaders of Honour.


近一半的考生(187人) 考获三科H2特优的好成绩,136人至少六科特优,60人至少七科特优,9人八科特优。




The following Dunmanians, in particular, have touched us with their stories and left a legacy. Their resilience, strength and motivation will continue to inspire their juniors in years to come.

Lu Ning (卢宁)
Class: 6C34

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Despite having to cope with her mother’s demise when she was 15 and juggling between her part-time job as a waitress and her academic commitments, Lu Ning showed grit and resilience in pursuing her goals and also took time to serve the community.

Lu Ning had an unflagging determination to excel in her academic pursuits. She took part in a one-year research project on carbon nanotubes under the Nanoscience Research@NUS Programme and received the Merit Award at the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair for her project on carbon nanotubes and its effect on microelectronic devices.

Lu Ning also displayed excellent leadership. She was actively involved in the development of the Science Society as the President of the Executive Committee from 2015 to 2016 and was also in the organising committee for the DHS Leadership Symposium 2015.

Despite her extensive commitments, Lu Ning devoted time to the community. She participated in the Overseas Experiential Leadership Programme (OELP) to Cambodia in 2015, taking time to observe the environment and culture and tailoring lessons for the Sambour Village School.

Ong Yuki (王钰淇)
Class: 6C44

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Ong Yuki has a genuine interest in the natural sciences, in particular, biological science. She pursued this interest by conducting a biomedical research project at Duke-NUS Medical School’s Chronobiology and Sleep Laboratory, and participating in the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2016, where her team’s research won the Bronze award. In recognition of her excellence in research, Yuki was nominated for the A*STAR Talent Search.

Besides her academic pursuits, she also sets aside time to give back to the community. In Junior High, Yuki spearheaded a weekly tutoring programme at Peace-Connect Neighbourhood Centre, helping children from low-income families. In Senior High, she derived satisfaction in conversing with isolated elderly and engaging them in mental stimulation games through the loveCARE initiative organised by Mountbatten CC YEC. She led a team of friends in organising and executing an in-school project to raise funds for the Nature Society (Singapore) and educate the student population about the importance of environmental protection. Currently, Yuki volunteers regularly at Ren Ci Nursing Home where she befriends the elderly residents and engages them in games and activities. She was awarded the Goh Chok Tong NextGen Outstanding Student Leader Award in 2016 and the Dunman High School Leadership in Community Award in 2015 for her exceptional leadership and dedication towards community service work.

As chairperson of the Community Service Club in Junior High and vice-chairperson of the Science Society in Senior High, Yuki helmed the planning and execution of multiple student-initiated events, such as community service events and the annual Science & Research Week held in school. In recognition for her contributions to her co-curricular activities, she was awarded the CCA Service Award in 2014.

Goh Cheng Wee Bryan (吴政纬)
Class: 6C41

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Bryan Goh is a well-rounded individual who displayed excellent leadership. He was actively involved in the Dunman High Leadership Programme from 2014 to 2016, which selects only the top sixteen students of the cohort yearly. As Chairperson of the class, his peers spoke well of him as a trustworthy individual who they could confide in. Bryan also served in the St. John Brigade as Staff Sergeant, and was elected to be Deputy In-charge of the Year One students since 2015. He was keen to develop his peers and help them succeed.

Bryan also displayed civic literacy and took time off to contribute to the society in various ways. He participated in the Overseas Learning Expedition to Cambodia in 2015, engaging with Cambodian children on the importance of education. He also volunteered in the KidsRead Programme fortnightly to help children from underprivileged families improve their English language and communicative skills.

His leadership ability, the readiness to develop others to seek improvement, and his heart for the community very clearly show Bryan to be a positive influencer.

Vera Tan Yan Ning (陈彦凝)
Class: 6C41

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Vera shows strong talent in Wushu. She clinched Singapore’s first Gold Medal in the Taiji Quan event at the 28th South East Asian (SEA) Games in 2015 and was also ranked 4th in the Combined Taiji Quan and Taiji Jian Open Category at the 17th Asian Games in 2014.

Despite her rigorous and busy training schedule, Vera was active in community service. She was a volunteer in the National Library Board’s kidsREAD programme from 2015 to 2016, dedicating one session every week to conduct storytelling sessions to children from low income families. Vera also shared her experience of participating twice in the SEA Games with Para athletes to help them prepare for the ASEAN Para Games.

For her achievements, Vera has won the Edusave Awards for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES) Award and the National Colours Award for six consecutive years, as well as the Best School Girl Award by the Singapore Schools Sports Council in 2013 and 2015.

Wam Xiu Hui Rachel (范琇惠)
Class: 6C12

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Rachel is passionate and gifted in the study of the Humanities. She consistently aced her various subjects in the humanities, namely, English Language and Linguistics, Economics and History. Equipped with a strong interest and aptitude for these subjects, Rachel applied her knowledge of the various disciplines to analyses of global and local issues. This was well-demonstrated at the 2016 Stanford Leadership Challenge where she presented on earth degradation and researched on the future of automation. She was awarded the Education Merit Award for her academic achievements.

Beyond academia, Rachel was an active member of the Bennu House Committee and devoted much of her time to organising events like the D’Carnival 2016. She also took time off to volunteer for the kidsREAD Programme, facilitating weekly sessions, and also helped to plan for the 2016 Values in Action Symposium.

Rachel is an all-rounder and a mature individual. It is rare to witness someone her age possess such unwavering determination to step out of her comfort zone and strive for excellence in various spheres.

Cheng Enshu (成恩澍)
Class: 6C31

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Enshu is a well-rounded student leader and is recognised by teachers and his peers for his ability to juggle his numerous commitments.

He was awarded the Senior Middle School Scholarship by the Ministry of Education to pursue his studies in Singapore. He lived independently in the school hostel for four years and assimilated very quickly to his new environment by participating in numerous activities within and beyond school. Possessing a deep interest for Economics, he extended his learning beyond the classroom by taking part in competitions that allowed for real-world application of his knowledge.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Enshu was also very active in his co-curricular activities where he was a Student Councillor, a House Captain and a member of the Photographic Society. Cognizant of the demands of his commitments, he demonstrated effective organisational and time management skills, and is a role model to his peers.

Enshu’s strong sense of purpose in life and his drive to do his best won him respect and praise from his peers and teachers.

See Ray Meng (徐瑞明)
Class: 6C41

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Ray Meng is an industrious student leader who pursues his passion of serving others through his co-curricular activities.

He seized opportunities to enrich his learning through his out-of-classroom endeavours, especially in Chemistry. Ray Meng is cognizant of the need to consider tertiary education options. As such, he also actively participated in school-organised sessions to broaden his horizons and skillsets.

Ray Meng displayed immense fortitude in serving others through his involvement in his co-curricular activities as a Student Councillor and a Venture Scout. In particular, his service and contribution to the Scouting movement was commendable. As a Venture Scout, he was active in the training and development of Scouts and Cub Scouts which involved conducting overnight camps for his brother Scouts to deepen their scouting skills, and outreach activities to spread the awareness of the benefits of Scouting.

The numerous peer nominations for the MOE Edusave Character Award is testament to the positive impact and influence he had over his peers and teachers. Ray Meng was a three-time award winner.

Glen Loo Wen Bin (吕文彬)
Class: 6C33

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An intelligent and driven individual, Glen possessed a remarkable aptitude for a variety of academic disciplines. Passionate about the Sciences and Mathematics, Glen was a member of the school’s Science and Mathematics Societies. He represented the school in both the Singapore Chemistry Olympiad and Singapore Physics Olympiad, where he clinched the Silver and Bronze medals respectively. In addition, Glen initiated the Chemistry and Physics Olympiad Mentoring Programme for his juniors in 2016. As a mentor, he provided advice, resources and consultation sessions, even during the busy period prior to the A-Level examination. Glen was selected to be part of a team to work on a project under the mentorship of scientists from the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) that aimed to develop an image-processing algorithm which could detect the number of humans in an image of an indoor area with seats.

Glen’s tenacity and constant strive for excellence is evident in his learning of a new programming language and was shortlisted for the finals of the annual Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2016.

Glen was also fluent in French, a language he picked up in 2011. In 2014, he challenged himself by taking the Diplôme d’études en langue française [Diploma in French language studies] (DELF) B2 examinations. A holder of this diploma can be described as an independent and prodicient user of the language. He succeeded in doing so the following year.

Given his commendable leadership qualities, and his zeal to contribute to the community, Glen will continue to do well.

Zhang Han (张晗)
Class: 6C24

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Zhang Han served the school with dedication and pride as Executive President. A responsible and down-to-earth leader, as well as Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholar, he is a respected student leader.

As Executive President, he worked hard to foster a vibrant school spirit through the implementation of initiatives and campaigns. He also conceptualised the “Leaders of Honour” publication that documented the school’s programmes and efforts to nurture student leaders through a compilation of reflections from past and present students and parents. Apart from his vision and zeal, his warm personality and ability to connect with fellow students truly left a mark on them.
An all-rounder, Zhang Han was conscientious and independent. He had the ability to grasp new ideas and concepts with ease and apply them appropriately. He showed a strong aptitude in Geography, and was also enrolled under the Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP). As a Bicultural Studies Programme scholar, Zhang Han displayed keen understanding of both Eastern and Western cultural contexts.

We wish Zhang Han all the best as he embarks on his future endeavours.

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