A Level Results
23rd February 2018

2017 GCE ‘A’ Level Results

The school is proud of the 2017 Year 6 cohort for their hard work and achievements at the 2017 GCE A-Level Examinations.

A total of 388 Dunmanians sat for the Examinations in 2017, and they have done themselves and the school proud with their hard work and achievements!

Almost 50% (192 Dunmanians) scored at least 3 H2 Distinctions, with 125 attaining at least 6 Distinctions, 55 scoring at least 7 Distinctions, 7 achieving 8 Distinctions and 2 achieving 9 Distinctions.

The percentage distinctions achieved for 22 out of the 29 H1 and H2 subjects are above national averages.

In addition, 50% of our H3 students scored a Distinction for their H3 subjects.

With our Dunmanians’ excellent academic performance and achievements in the CCAs, they have proven to be able to care, to serve and to lead, and ready to contribute to society and Singapore in their capacities as Leaders of Honour.


近一半的考生(192人) 考获三科H2特优的好成绩,125人至少六科特优,55人至少七科特优,7人八科特优, 2人九科特优。




The following Dunmanians, in particular, have touched us with their stories and left a legacy. Their resilience, strength and motivation will continue to inspire their juniors in years to come.

Zhang Tianyi 张天屹

Tianyi was recognised by his peers and teachers to be independent and motivated in his studies especially in Mathematics and Science. In order to deepen his learning, he read and viewed resources which include scientific journals and televised university lectures. His in-depth understanding of Mathematics and Sciences saw him representing the school in various STEM-related competitions and Olympiads.

Beyond academia, Tianyi was the Head of Department of External Affairs in the Science Society where he was actively involved in enriching the learning of the members through learning journeys to local science-related research institutes. He is also effectively bilingual and served the school as a Master of Ceremony at the annual Speech Day. Despite his heavy commitments in school, Tianyi managed to devote time to serve the community via the LoveCare Initiative where he conducted monthly interaction sessions with the elderly and was an Observer at the Mountbatten Community Club Youth Executive Committee.

Tianyi demonstrated qualities of an all-rounder and mature individual. His strong sense of purpose and drive to do his best in everything has won him respect and praise from his peers and teachers.

Sun Yilin 孙逸林

Yilin is an extremely polite and bright student who is talented in Mathematics and Science. His friends and teachers never hold back on their praises for him when it comes to the quality of his work and attitude towards learning. His aptitude in Mathematics and Science saw him offering both H3 Mathematics and Physics, participating in numerous Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Olympiads and being involved in science research projects with agencies such as the Defence Science and Technology Agency.

Besides his academic pursuits, Yilin was a responsible Class Chairperson and led the class in Values in Action Projects. In addition, he was serving the community through the Youth Executive Committee of the Mountbatten Community Centre where he conducted activities to engage the elderly.

Yilin is an outstanding scholar and gentleman who is humble and epitomises excellence, which is an observation echoed by all his peers and teachers in Dunman High School.

Chng Zhe Min 莊哲明

Through the course of his studies, Zhe Ming clearly established himself as a well-rounded individual with accolades in various areas.

Zhe Ming was very gifted in the areas of Computing, Physics and Robotics. He attained Distinction for Higher 3 Semiconductor Physics and Devices, a course offered by Nanyang Technological University (NTU). One of the many competitions he took part in was Code::XtremeApps:: (CXA) Hackathon 2016, where he showed both good leadership skill and ingenuity in spearheading his team to implement an innovative functional prototype to help people without bank accounts perform online transactions. Zhe Ming achieved a Gold Award and was the Top Scorer in the Junior College category for the Bebras Challenge Singapore 2017, a competition assessing computational thinking.

Zhe Ming was also in the executive committee of the Tennis Club and the Robotics Club, and was exemplary in carrying out his duties well and responsibly. He was part of the organising committee of the BuildingBloCS, an inaugural technology conference for GCE Ordinary Level Computing schools. His ability to juggle such a varied spectrum of activities truly mark him out as an outstanding leader and one who has thrived in the holistic education our school prides itself in.

Chan Ker Wei 陈可为  (Left in Picture 图左)
Yu Ming Min 余明敏  (Right in Picture 图右)

Outstanding students with an interest in Chinese culture, Ker Wei and Mingmin were both Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholars in Dunman High School. They possessed an enthusiasm for learning and were role models to their peers in the areas of academic excellence and character development.

Ker Wei’s interest in Contemporary China led her to participate in the 8th Hwa Chong Institution China Studies Forum jointly organized by Business China and Education Office of the Embassy of People’s Republic China, where she attained 2nd place in a quiz. Ker Wei’s passion for learning went beyond China studies; she showed interests in both science and the humanities, and she represented the school in the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad in 2015. Mingmin, on the other hand, participated in the CLEP Mentorship Programme, and she also chose to offer the elective H3 Economics which goes beyond the standard A Level Syllabus.

Besides their academic pursuits, Ker Wei and Mingmin also contributed to their co-curricular activities in their capacity as leaders.

  • Mingmin proved to be a capable leader who held several key positions in various committees over the years. In 2016, as Chairperson of the Bicultural Studies Programme Council, she organized the school’s Chinese New year celebration, where she displayed strong organizational skills by effectively coordinating her six-person team to plan and carry-out the publicity, games and concert for the event. She also held the position of the Chairperson of the Calligraphy Club in 2015.
  • Ker Wei was appointed as the Vice-Chairperson of the Chinese Calligraphy club from 2014 to 2015, and she also held the position of Secretary in the BSP Council, where she was in-charge of the Publicity Committee for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in 2016. A leader who tapped on the strengths of others, she gained the respect of her peers.

Ker Wei and Mingmin both cared for the wider community and were active volunteers. In 2016, they took part in a Youth For Cause initiative as part of their class’ Values in Action initiative. In partnership with BABES, a teenage pregnancy crisis service in Singapore that reaches out to pregnant teenage girls, they helped to raise funds and awareness on the isolation pregnant teenagers faced through a charity walk held at East Coast Park.

Driven and industrious, these qualities will enable them to continue to do well.

Sim Zheng Hao 沈正浩

Zheng Hao’s sincerity and desire to serve the school as a Student Councillor was recognised by his peers and they elected him as President of the Student Council. In his role as President, he led by example and influenced the Student Councillors to work tirelessly in the planning and implementation school-wide events and activities that sought to inject vibrancy into the school lives of Dunmanians. He was also an active member of and role model in the Ultimate Frisbee Team as he found time amidst his busyness to commit to the intensive training sessions in preparation for competitions.

Zheng Hao also committed time and energy to serve the needs of others in the community as a volunteer at the Institute of Mental Health. He visited the institution weekly to interact and engage the patients in various activities to facilitate their recuperation.

Zheng Hao’s exemplary results in English Language and Linguistics, History, Economics and Mathematics, and his pursuits beyond academics make him an excellent role model for his peers.

Lee Wei Jie 李伟杰

Wei Jie was an intelligent student with a flair for Computing and Physics. He was a Bronze Medalist in the 2016 National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI). Wei Jie also offered to read Higher 3 Physics in 2017. A diligent student who understood the value of consistent hard work, Wei Jie was awarded the Edusave Merit Bursary for three consecutive years from 2014 to 2016 as he was in the top 25 percentile of his cohort in terms of academic performance and had demonstrated good conduct.

Wei Jie’s outstanding aptitude for Computing led him to take part in numerous infocomm team competitions. He was an earnest leader who was able to get the buy-in of others with his vision and enthusiasm. He won many top accolades in 2016, such as the Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Merit Award, First and Most Innovative Idea Award in the national Splash Awards and First in the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) National Infocomm Competition (NIC) Face-off App Development.

Concurrently, Wei Jie also worked on a one-stop platform to help students with homework management and automated attendance-taking. The project achieved a Silver Award in the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) Awards 2016. In Code::XtremeApps 2016, an annual hackathon in which teams worked intensively over a 24-hour period. Wei Jie also envisioned and developed a predictive financial planning mobile application. Working tirelessly to implement features such as expenditure management, stocks analysis, real-time status and gamification, he helped the team achieve Third Place in a strongly competitive field.

Beyond his achievements in academics and Computing, Wei Jie was also active in serving his community. In 2017. He helped organised BuildingBloCS, an inaugural technology conference for GCE Ordinary Level Computing schools. In 2016, Wei Jie helped out in the Mountbatten Community Centre Christmas event, imparting Science concepts to children while engaging them in demonstrations and experiments.

Wei Jie’s strong work ethics, passion for learning and service to the community, are qualities that make him a good role model for his peers.

Selina Ang Sze Han 汪之涵

Selina was a very driven student who juggled her co-curricular and academic commitments well.

She took ownership of her learning and sought opportunities beyond the school confines to deepen and apply her knowledge. This was demonstrated in her participation in the “Planning a Clean and Green Township Competition”, a prestigious international township planning competition organised by Activistar Advocacy, as well as her active involvement in the “Cultural Collage” (2015) twinning programme with Hong Kong Ngan Po Lin School during her December overseas school trip.

Selina was a key member of the Basketball team. Despite not having played the sport as long as her peers, Selina showed a talent in the sport and was identified to represent Singapore Schools in the 9th ASEAN Schools Games 2017. She demonstrated dedication and commitment not only as a member but also as the Captain of the Women’s team.

Just before the ‘A’ Division Inter-School Basketball started, Selina tore her ligament, which placed her in clutches. Despite the injury and inconvenience, Selina was resolute and unyielding in her dedication to the team, continuing to attend trainings so that she could motivate her teammates during the demanding drills. Because of her exemplary conduct, service and leadership, Selina was awarded the MOE Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service in 2016.

Outside of school, Selina believed in giving back to the larger community and was a volunteer for the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen. Every week, she would dedicate one day to prepare and distribute meals to the less privileged, including low-income families and the disabled. In these, Selina demonstrated empathy and a belief in the importance of a more inclusive society.

A passionate and driven all-rounder with an equally big heart of service, Selina has clearly shown what it is to live out the Dunmanian mission of Caring, Serving, and Leading.

Max Tan Zhe Yuan 陈哲渊

Max was an all-round individual who put in his best in all his endeavours. A committed learner, Max had a natural flair and passion in writing despite being in the Science stream. In 2017, he was selected to participate in Expresso, the Senior High English Department’s Writing Programme. This was an exclusive programme in which students with good writing skills were selected to further hone their skills through mentoring sessions as well as writing articles.

Max was a responsible and committed member of the Dunman High School Basketball team. He put in many hours of training with the team and on his own. Their efforts eventually paid off and they beat many strong teams to emerge Fourth in the National “A” Division Basketball Championship in 2017.

Max had a passion and willingness to serve the school and the wider community. As the National Education Ambassador of his class, he conducted interesting and meaningful lessons for his classmates on several occasions including International Friendship Day and Racial Harmony Day. In 2017, Max also volunteered at Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks and distributes meals daily to the elderly, the disabled and low income families. He readily agreed to work overtime at Willing Hearts to help with the preparation and delivery of the food packages to numerous locations in Singapore.

During his school holidays, Max also returned to his former school in Muaklek, Thailand, “Adventist International Mission School” (AIMS) to volunteer as a relief teacher for the Computer Programming classes for both High School and Primary School students.

Max’s heart of service and humble diligence are qualities which make him an exemplary Dunmanian.

Chuah Chong Koon 蔡崇堃

Chong Koon often explored ways beyond the curriculum to develop his understanding of concepts. Through the course of his studies, he demonstrated critical thinking and problem solving skills, particularly during the Jurong Town Corporation Industrial Infrastructure Innovator (I3) Challenge in 2017.

Beyond academia, Chong Koon was a very dedicated leader in the St. John Brigade. He sought various opportunities to improve his skills. Despite his busyness on the academic front, Chong Koon set aside time to take up additional courses at St. John Headquarters on his own accord to increase his skills and knowledge in first aid and foot drills.  He was an excellent role model to the younger cadets, mentoring his juniors for national competitions. Chong Koon was part of the prestigious St. John Brigade Singapore Officer Training Course in 2016 and was named the Best Male Trainee and the Valedictorian at the end of the Course, a befitting recognition of his efforts and abilities.

Chong Koon is an individual who is ever ready to do over and above what is expected of him and sees much value in investing in the lives of others – a true servant leader.

Sheryl Teo Xue Le 张雪乐

Sheryl Teo Xue Le is a well-rounded individual who consistently achieved stellar grades for her various subjects, namely, English Language and Linguistics, French, Economics and Mathematics. She was particularly strong in languages, emerging top in Higher 2 English Language and Linguistics at the end of Year 6, and also took part in various writing competitions in the course of her studies.

Notably, Sheryl devoted her six years in the school to the St. John Brigade.  She was the Chairperson of the Uniform Groups (UG) Council from 2016 to 2017, a position that saw her overseeing the administrative development of SJB and also three other uniform groups in the school. She was very dedicated to honing the skills of the members in the Brigade and committed herself to their training and development as an Officer-in-charge. As a mentor, she demonstrated much interest and passion in honing the craft of first aid and precision of drills.

Her leadership ability and desire to develop others clearly characterise Sheryl as one who lives up to our mission of caring, serving and leading.

Kleon Ang Cunrong 洪諄融

An intelligent and motivated student, Kleon possessed aptitude and interest in the study of science, especially in Physics. Not only did he read H3 Semiconductor Physics and Devices offered by the Nanyang Technological University, he was also involved in as a member of the research group working on nano-materials in the Department of Physics, National University of Singapore. His participation in research saw him winning awards at various science fairs, and notably his ability to explain complex theories succinctly and simply, won him the Institute of Physics Singapore Outstanding Poster Award.

In the area of Co-curricular Activities, Kleon was the President of the Science Society and the only double bassist in the String Ensemble. As President, he was recognised for leading a series of activities to foster camaraderie among his members and to enhance their scientific report writing skills. Despite his busyness, he found time to rehearse and practice on his double bass in the months leading up to the String Ensemble’s SYF Arts Presentation which the Ensemble secured the Certificate of Distinction. Kleon was also active in community service and leveraged his expertise in Science to bring science into the community. He led in the collaboration between the Science Society and Mountbatten Community Centre to set up a science activities booth at Centre’s Christmas event. Through the booth, children were introduced to science through fun and games.

Kleon is an outstanding leader and a scholar. His pursuit of excellence in holistic development demonstrated his ability to care, serve and lead.

Lim Yi Jing Carina 林义靖

Carina had a keen interest in and aptitude for Physics. She won two prestigious awards, namely, the A*STAR Science Award (Junior College) in 2016/2017 and the Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP) Academic Award for Physics in 2017. She also embarked on a year-long research project under the guidance of Professor Sow Chorng Haur (National University of Singapore).

Carina put her knowledge in and love for Physics to good use, setting up a science booth for the Mountbatten Community Centre annual Christmas event in 2016. She was also a member of the Executive Committee for the Science Society, and initiated several activities in school to foster a love for learning sciences.

Carina well-exemplifies what our rigorous curriculum aims to do: to develop individuals with a strong grounding in specialised fields and inculcating in them a desire and passion to use these skills for the betterment of society.

Ian Goh Yiheng 吴毅恒

Possessing a remarkable aptitude for Mathematics and Music, Ian offered H2 Further Mathematics and Higher 3 Music at the GCE A-level, which was intended for students who displayed exceptional ability and interest in the study of mathematics and music respectively. He was also awarded the Music Elective Scholarship in 2016 and 2017, which was offered by the Ministry of Education to encourage academically able and musically talented students to pursue the rigorous music programme at Higher 2 and Higher 3 Levels under the Music Elective Programme.

A competent leader, Ian took on the role of Concert Master and Vice Chairperson of the Dunman High School (DHS) String Ensemble, where he led the Ensemble during practices when the conductor was not around. The Ensemble clinched the Distinction Award at the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation.

Ian was an all-round individual who strove for academic excellence and possessed leadership potential.

Tay Yi Xuan 郑顗譞

Yi Xuan was an industrious student who excelled academically. She was, in particular, passionate about environmental conservation, which led her to pursue this cause in various aspects of her life: she conducted research on public engagement in mangrove conservation in one of Singapore’s natural parks as part of her H3 Geography module; she was Chairperson of the Environmental Club; and she volunteered at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Earth Hour 2016 and 2017 on her own.

As the Chairperson of the Environmental Club, she led the club in activities such as the Singapore Garden Festival 2016, the Trees of the World LightUp 2016 and the Kong Hwa School Ecobuddies Outreach Programme 2017. Together with her club members, she also planned and executed various green initiatives in her school during the annual Environment Week. She was awarded the CCA Service Award 2016, an award that recognised the dedication and contribution of student leaders in serving their CCA.

Her initiative and dedication to this cause also led to her become a recipient of the Goh Chok Tong NextGen Outstanding Student Leader Award in 2018.

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