24th November 2017

2017 Shanghai TI Cup Math Contest

We are proud to announce that our students have attained the overall 4th team award for the 2017 Shanghai TI Cup Math Contest. In addition, 3 of our students: Tan Xiaochen from 17Y5C33, Ma Yuxin from 17Y5C34 and Ng Xing Yu from 17Y5C35 have also clinched the 12th, 13th and 18th individual position respectively.

Our team had this to share about their experience:

“This competition has developed our mathematics skills, independence and the ability to explore the use of graphing calculators to solve practical problems. The competition has also stimulated our interest in the learning of mathematics and challenged us to tackle questions which required higher-order thinking skills.”

Our Principal, Mr Tony Low, shared these words of encouragement to the team:

Congratulations to the whole team!

More importantly, I am glad to know that all of you benefited from taking part, not just in terms of the deepening of technical knowledge, but the more intangibles such as learning to be independent and applying higher-order thinking etc.

Keep up the good work!”

The team would like to take the opportunity to thank:

  • Our principal, Mr Tony Low and vice-principals for their unwavering support for the Mathematics Society.
  • Our teachers-in-charge, Mr Steven Lee and Dr Lee Kian Lam for their time, guidance and advice throughout the competition, as well as our teachers and classmates for their support.

We will continue to strive hard and aim to achieve even better results next year!

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