Overseas Trips
6th July 2018

2018 年高一双文化上海浸濡学习课程 (2018 Y5 BSP Shanghai Immersion Programme)





From 27 May to 10 June 2018, three teachers and seventeen students under the Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) embarked on an immersion trip to Shanghai to discover the wonders of modern China.

The students not only attended lectures in Fudan University, they also interacted with the students from local schools such as Jin Shan High School. In Fudan, the professors and lecturers shared their wealth of knowledge in a multitude of aspects of modern China, which was very enriching for the students, especially in cementing their understanding of the subject of China Studies in Chinese. The sheer size of the school campus, as well as the astounding number of literature and academic materials in the library, left the students in awe. The trip to Jin Shan provided students with the opportunity to interact with the local Chinese students, and further strengthened ties between both schools. Jin Shan’s Science Museum even showcased an impressive array of scientific breakthroughs, including driverless car models and plasma globes.

Apart from attending lessons, trip participants also explored landmark tourist spots such as Cheng Huang Temple, Tianzifang, Yuyuan Garden, Suzhou Museum, Nanjing road, the Bund, Shanghai World Financial Centre, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center. Students were also given the opportunity to appreciate the renowned thriller play, titled, “A Murder is Announced,” and visited enterprises like Bao Steel and Lvmama.com, providing them with a glimpse into the operations of various enterprises.

This immersion programme has given students a golden opportunity to witness the fruits of Shanghai’s rapid growth over the past decade and experience the culturally rich atmosphere, as well as the melding of both traditional and modern Shanghai.

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