Overseas Trips
11th August 2019

24th Japanese Speech Award

From 21 July to 2 August, Chang Yu Qing (5C42) had the honour of representing Singapore in the 24th Japanese Speech Award, a speech contest in which representatives from 17 countries were given free rein to give a speech using the Japanese language on any topic they desired. Yu Qing reflects on her experience:

“The contest was a rich learning experience, helping me to improve on my command of the Japanese language, and training me to perform under the stress of facing a 2000-strong audience and cameras meant for a nationwide live stream. The most valuable lessons were learnt from the cross-cultural exchange programmes, such as fairs, forums and school visits where I not only learnt about the culture of the local Japanese, but as well as of the 16 countries where other participants came from. Culture, norms, ground rules, mindsets – everything is different from country to country, and my lived experiences in Singapore is only a fragment of it. I felt an acute sense of knowing too little of the world around me, and have been motivated to learn more about the cultures of other countries. To fellow Dunmanians, it is worth giving such overseas learning journeys a go if one has the chance!”  

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