Overseas Trips
16th August 2013

Asia Theatresports Championship, Macau

在今年8月16至19日,由谢宇飞(13Y5C35)、卢宁(13Y3F)、陈榕榕(13Y3F)、周芙伊(13Y3D)、刘欣睿(13Y2C)与 何浩传(13Y2C)代表我校远赴澳门,参加由澳门“戏剧农庄”所举办的《Theatresports劲爆剧场大比拼2013:亚洲联赛》。


On the 16th to 19th of August this year, Xie Yufei of 13Y5C35, Lu Ning of 13Y3F, Chen Rongrong of 13Y3F, Zhou Fuyi of 13Y3D, Liu Xinrui of 13Y2C and Hoh Hao Juan of 13Y2C represented the school in the Asia Theatresports Championship 2013 in Macau.

Although our school’s representatives are younger than the other teams on the average, we managed to clinch the Best Opening Award with our excellent performance. With this valuable experience in the international arena, our school’s representatives will work even harder and continue to raise engagement levels in Theatresports in Dunman High School.

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