23rd September 2019

A*STAR-ESSEC Business School Innovation Pitch Day

In July this year, our students Tricia Priscilla Ng and Ryan Yap from 5C41 submitted a proposal to join the A*STAR-ESSEC Business School Innovation Pitch Day. This is a competition where students have to research and brainstorm on how to solve a social or environmental issue of their choice and subsequently sell their business plan and ideas to peers and judges. The theme for this year’s competition is “The Future of Everyone: Innovating for a Sustainable Planet”, and aims to encourage young science and technology innovators in designing creative solutions with a viable and scalable business model.

Tricia and Ryan were first tasked to submit a proposal in the form of a slide presentation, and a video pitch of not more than 5 minutes. The proposal mainly comprises the science/technology used, market strategy and estimated financials. They were 1 of the 16 teams shortlisted to the boot camp round. They made another pitch at the end of the boot camp and qualified to be 1 of the 6 finalist teams. At the one-north festival on 13 Sept 2019, they delivered another presentation in front of distinguished judges comprising scientists, business professors and CEOs. The school is happy to announce that Tricia and Ryan clinched the 2nd runners-up prize!

“Having zero exposure to business and entrepreneurship before joining this competition, we have certainly gained insight and passion into the world of business. Other than the technical skills and knowledge we acquired, we gained many invaluable soft skills from this enriching experience, such as how to present not only confidently, but persuasively, in order to sell the judges our business idea, as well as business leadership and management. We also learnt that teamwork is crucial in developing a successful business model.

Singapore has her sights set on producing 30% of local food supplies by 2030. However we  currently rely heavily on imported food and experience high food wastage. Hence, our project aimed to turn food waste into plant fertilizer and fish food to be sold to vertical farms and fish farms locally. The fertilizers and fish feed would be created to specifically cater to different types of plants and fish to maximize the yield by farmers. The project will reduce our carbon footprint and food miles due to the decrease in the amount of imported food. This will help Singapore to become more self sustainable. All in all, we are glad to be given the opportunity to gain invaluable and applicable real life skills through this competition. 

We would like to thank the school for giving us this opportunity, our teacher-in-charge, Mr Chen Shunfa, and our ESSEC mentor, Mr Natt, for their constant guidance and encouragement throughout this journey.” – Tricia Priscilla Ng and Ryan Yap (195C41)

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