Overseas Trips
2nd December 2013

Basketball, Malaysia

On the second of December, the Dunman High Basketball team crossed the causeway into Malaysia, embarking on what would eventually be five meaningful days for all the teams. Be it the blood and sweat poured out during the friendly matches, the scrambling to take photos, the emotional team talks, the bonding sessions, the hugs and laughs and tears, it truly was one of those experiences we’ll hold close to heart for many years to come.

Throughout the trip, we had the opportunity to play with the local basketball teams, even going up against the state team. The matches were not easy ones, but each of us were able to improve with every opponent we met. Be it decision making skills or ball handling skills, these were all honed, especially when playing with the state team, whose skill and strength amazed us and spurred us to further improve.

In addition, the different divisions would gather together for a team talk at the end of each day, reviewing the day’s match or sharing pointers on how to improve as a team. One night in particular stood out amongst others, when our coach instructed to have members from each division share their thoughts about our journey together thus far. “Basketball is brotherhood” was the resounding message we took home with us that day, shared by one of our A Division Boys team player, Kang Yin. Truly, this is what brought us together, and this is what has kept us together, through all the tough times and the struggles. It was definitely heartwarming to have everyone trying their best to include everyone else inside the fun and bond as a team, a team with the right attitude and one that leaves no man behind.

虽然大多数时间我们都沉浸在篮球世界里,但是旅游少不了景点观光。我们也充分利用时间,参观了不少景点,比如说成功时代广场,中央市场以及高峰广 场。这些观光和购物也为我们的旅程画龙点睛,让我们不仅仅在球场上沟通与交流,也让大家在私底下更了解彼此。作为队友,沟通必不可少,但不仅限在球场上, 在四处走走看看的同时,我们也不知不觉地发现彼此不为人知的一面,让整个旅程更有意思。


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