Overseas Trips
8th December 2015

Basketball, Penang & Selangor, Malaysia

Basketball war is almost upon us in our galaxy.

3 groups of people (basketball warriors, their teachers and their parents) were made to travel up north to our tree-lined neighbour using their ringgits (at a ratio of 3:1) to battle against their basketball teams within 5 days out of 1 week.

The force of 3 was never far from us. The very first day we experienced a hotel room throwing 2 of our warriors out of their rooms, a wallet that decided to stay on the transport (despite the alleged good memory of our warrior) and a lift that refused to accept 3 more boys than it was programmed to do.

Armed with 3 square meals a day (with some power-hungry warriors taking more than 3 bowls of rice a meal), we measured up against the various teams that were thrown at us. Our junior warriors were also given their share of battles and proved themselves worthy of succession.

With much high spirits and determination, the warriors conquered theme parks, shopping centres, restaurants and fast food joints.

Mission accomplished, our warriors returned home to face their last obstacle to conquer- laundry.

16Y3A Matthew Ho
16Y3B Jonathan Goh

过程:十四个英姿飒爽的女生 + 二十一个身手利落的男生 + 两个领队老师 + 一个教练 + 三个爸爸 + 一个妈妈 + 一个家庭 + 七天六夜 + 十场友谊赛 = 意犹未尽的美好旅程和获益不浅的篮球集训。






16Y3F 杨颖谦

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