Overseas Trips
20th May 2014

BSPY3 Hunan, China

From 20 to 29 May, 20 BSP students, along with Mr Tan Kian Boon and Mdm Sau Wee Wee, embarked on a memorable and fruitful trip to Hunan, China. As our first trip together, we learnt through first-hand experience Hunan’s rich and diverse culture.

It was an eye-opening experience for many of us as we attended lessons in Hunan University, since it was our first time in a China university. We were awestruck by the profound knowledge that the professors had about the various topics related to China Studies. Through the lectures, we learnt much about Hunan’s history and culture and about the famous Mao Zedong.

Another enriching experience is our visit to the various corporations in Hunan. These included Broad, Want Want and Coca Cola. It was a rare opportunity for us since as we were led through the manufacturing processes and briefed on the corporate cultures. We also managed to interact with the employees of the various corporations to gain a better understanding of how these companies are managed.

We also visited Hunan University Affiliated Middle School and Jin Hai Middle School. The school cultures differ significantly from that of Singapore schools. We attended lessons as well. We were amazed to see the high level of enthusiasm that the students showed.

Throughout this journey, we learnt to appreciate Singapore even more. As Singaporeans, we are privileged enough to live in a well-planned city, complete with an environment for us to excel.







丁琬霖 Ting Wan Lin 14Y3F

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