Overseas Trips
13th November 2012

BSPY3 Shanghai, China

During the November holidays this year, a team of 5 Year 3 students led by Ms Sim Yan Jun participated in the 5th Singapore – Shanghai SAP Seminar held in Shanghai, organized jointly by Singapore Nanyang Girls’ High School and Shanghai Jinyuan Senior High School. During the 2 days seminar on 17-18 November 2012, our team of 5 students gave a speech on protecting the environment, shared a presentation on our school’s eco-friendly practices and performed an item featuring our school’s “Bring Your Mug Day” project which encourages students to reduce the use of disposable cups. The seminar provided a platform for our students to interact, collaborate and learn from students from both Singapore and Shanghai.

Prior to the seminar, students were immersed in the culture and life in Shanghai though a learning journey where they visited Soong Ching-Ling Memorial Hall, Lu Xun Memorial Hall, Yu Garden, Cheng Huang temple, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Urban Planning Centre and the Glass Museum. As the theme for the seminar was on Environmental Protection, students were given the opportunity to visit a company which design and sell eco-friendly home products and were given a talk on the concept behind the products. The highlight of the learning journey was an amazing race around Shanghai where students worked in teams to navigate around the city and complete tasks at the various checkpoints. At the end of the amazing race, students presented the eco-friendly home product which they have designed as a group based on the concept of “biomimicry” where they infused nature’s solutions into everyday engineering.

Below are excerpts of the reflections of the participants of this trip:

“Personally, I feel that this trip to Shanghai is one of the most memorable overseas trips I ever had. What sets this trip aside from the rest is the opportunity to interact with so many students from other schools as well as all the enriching activities. Apart from the usual sightseeing of the local attractions, this trip also encompasses entrepreneur elements in it. The two days of entrepreneur tour was the most exciting part of the whole trip since we visited the most urbanized places in Shanghai and going on an amazing race with students from other schools by public transport.”
12Y3M Leow Hoan Shi

“The highlight of the whole trip was the symposium. Nobody was born to have the courage in public speaking and I definitely did not have the courage to do so before. During the symposium, I overcame all odds and successfully delivered my first speech in Chinese to the entire hall of audience. This experience was indeed a courage-booster for me.”
12Y3M Sun Jiayi

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