Overseas Trips
1st November 2015

BSPY3, Taiwan

From the 1st of November to the 13th of November 2015, 20 students from Dunman High School Bicultural Studies Programme, along with two teachers, Ms Wong Lu Ting and Mdm Teo Geok Hiok, flew to Taiwan for our exciting 13-day experience.

This trip was indeed an eye opener for all of us. It allowed us to visit four schools in Taiwan, namely DaoHe Experimental School, Kang-Chiao Bilingual School, Da-Ren Girls’ High School and Taipei Cheng Gong High School. Visiting the four schools provided us with the opportunity to tour around the school compounds of both secondary schools and junior colleges and interact with the teachers and students there. This tour allowed us to experience the warm welcome given by the students and teachers, as well as their enthusiasm and excitement upon meeting us. We also learnt more about the daily school life of the students and had a glimpse of how lessons are like in Taiwan.

We had the privilege of attending the lectures of two professors from National Taiwan University – Professor Hsu Szue-Chin and Professor Chen Chih-Jou. They talked to us about Cross-Strait Relations and Cross-Strait Social Interactions, enabling us to gain deeper insights into these controversial issues. We also had the chance to consult the professors about queries regarding Cross-Strait issues.

We visited various organisations, including Formosa Plastics Corporation, Chung T’ien Television and Want Want China Times Media Group, allowing us to better understand the different working cultures of these organisations and the stories behind their successes. We also visited the 921 Earthquake Museum, where we learnt much more about earthquakes, including the formation of earthquakes and its impact on the human population. At the museum, we had a realistic simulated earthquake experience that demonstrated just how serious and traumatising a real earthquake can be. We also went to interesting museums in Taiwan, including the National Palace Museum and  New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, where we were exposed to various different artifacts and the intriguing stories behind the artifacts. At the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, we had the chance to mould our own ceramic masterpiece. Not to forget, we also took the world’s fastest elevator and went up to the 89th floor of the Taipei 101.

A trip to Taiwan would not be complete without visiting its night markets, such as the FengJia Night Market and RaoHe Night Market, where we indulged ourselves in the vast amount of food there. Delicious food and drinks were on display—we tried papaya milk, fried chicken, fermented beancurd and many more. Interestingly, the 50-year Japanese rule has affected Taiwan in many ways. In terms of food, Japanese food such as sushi and miso soup are commonly found in Taiwan. Some parts of the presidential office building in Taiwan were also built with unique Japanese architectural designs.

Ultimately, it was the people in Taiwan who impacted us the most. Not only are they kind and friendly, they are also environmentally-friendly, great traits which we should learn. This trip to Taiwan has allowed us to broaden our knowledge of Taiwan, so we have a deeper understanding of Taiwan’s history and current affairs, political and economic matters, as well as Taiwan’s culture and educational system. This 13-day trip went past in a blink of an eye and we are extremely grateful to the school for allowing us to embark on this learning journey. Not only did we learn about the different cultures and history of Taiwan, we also met many new friends whom we interacted with in the four schools.



此次浸濡学习,让同学大开眼界,获益不浅。同学共访问了四所学校-- 道禾实验学校、康桥中学、达人女中以及成功高中,并与在校学生进行交流、访问。同时,同学也出席了台湾国立大学徐斯勤教授和陈志柔教授的专题演讲。教授为他们讲解台海关系和海峡两岸社会的互动。这让同学对台湾和中国大陆的关系有了初步地理解与体验。

除此之外,同学也参观了一些特殊的地方,如台塑集团产业馆、旺旺集团的中天电视台与《中国时报》媒体集团。在台塑集团,同学学到了台塑企业强调的“勤、劳、朴、实”四个核心价值观,就因为这些价值观造就了台塑企业今天的成功。 同学也参观了“921”地震教育园区,从中对地震有了更深入的了解,也亲生体验了地震的震动情况,让他们学到了地震的真实性与严重性。虽然新加坡的地理位置,不会发生地震,但是台湾人防患未然的态度还是值得学生学习的。同学也去了许多博物馆,例如故宫博物馆、莺歌陶瓷博物馆和自然科学博物等,让同学了解当地的科学与人文风貌。同学还有机会搭世界上最快的电梯上台北101的89楼。此外,同学们也参观了清境农场与阿里山的邹族文化部落,让他们学到与认识到课室内学不到的知识。



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