Overseas Trips
29th November 2014


Expectantly, 28 students and 2 teachers travelled on an arduously long plane ride to the United States of America: Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and New York City. The objective of this much anticipated trip is to expand the students’ knowledge of America, in areas such as politics, culture and economics. Besides gaining a deeper understanding of America, the students undoubtedly had many other takeaways.

The students visited various museums, including the Newseum, The Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Gallery of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

At the Ground Zero Museum Workshop, the group was extremely fortunate to have the chance to hold a short dialogue session with the photographer himself, Gary Marlon Suson. He shared with the group his experience and the after-effects of partaking in this dangerous project, such as numerous problems with both his physical and mental health. Yet he felt privileged to have shared this journey with the many brave workers who worked tirelessly during the recovery period.

The students also visited other interesting icons of the United States including the Capitol and the Pentagon. They even had the privilege to watch the renowned Broadway show “WICKED”. For most of the students, visiting the prestigious tertiary educational institutions in Boston, namely Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T), was one of the main highlights of the trip. Through the dialogue sessions, they also learnt about the pros and cons of joining these prestigious universities, and gained valuable advice which is helpful when they decide their future paths in two years’ time.

This 16-day journey counts, for many of the students, as one of the most exciting and enriching experiences. On the last day, many wished that they could stay on for just a few more days, but home beckoned and we were glad to also come home and share our stories with our families and juniors

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