Overseas Trips
2nd June 2012

BSPY4 Xi’an, China

The Dunman High School Bicultural Studies Programme prides itself on the BSP Overseas Immersion Programmes that it offers to BSP students every year. Apart from the enriching and rigorous itineraries, the programmes bind knowledge and experiential learning, in support of independent research and other enrichment tasks, which enhances the overall DHS Bicultural Studies Programme experience.

On 2 June 2012, 24 Year 4 students embarked on the Bicultural Studies Overseas Study Immersion Programme to Xi’an, China.

As the Chinese saying goes, “It is better to travel ten thousand miles, than to read ten thousand books.” Through this programme, students learnt to appreciate the varied and fascinating nature of contemporary Chinese culture through first-hand experience – out in the streets and under the sun, instead of watching videos in air-conditioned classrooms. Many students reflected that think they had have matured given their experience gained during this trip. They have also made friends from the two universities which they have resided, i.e Northwest University (西北大学) and Xi’an International University (西安外事学院).

Through this programme, students have learnt to take a more balanced perspective of the world’s happenings, as well as China’s. Most would even say that they have, indeed, discovered the true China for what she is.

Genevieve See Jing Ying

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