Overseas Trips
1st June 2015

BSPY4 Xi’an, China

During the June holidays, our Year 4 Bicultural Studies Programme scholars flew to Xi’an, China for a 10-day immersion trip.

The main highlight of the immersion trip was a series of 5 lectures conducted in Northwest University. The 5 lectures covered areas such as China’s economy, social development, culture and international relations. Our students had the chance to interact with the undergraduates to learn about their degree courses and career prospects.

On top of attending lectures, our students visited corporations such as Coca Cola to learn the competition and challenges faced by these companies. The students also visited some of Xi’an’s landmarks such as the Terracotta Warriors, Tombs of Hanwudi and Qinshihuang, Waterfall at Yellow River, Xi’an’s Mosque, and so on to understand the history of Xi’an and its surroundings.

Students had the opportunity to visit Yan’an, a Communist stronghold when civil war broke out in China, and visited the former abodes of renowned Communist leaders and the museum showcasing the challenges that the Communists faced during those tumultuous times. They also had the opportunity to watch a musical telling stories of the various sacrifices that the Communists had to make before achieving eventual success.

During the trip, our students paid a visit to Yangguang High School of Xi’an and attended some lessons with their counterparts there. The Chinese students showcased some of their more unique performances, much to the delight of our students.

Our students enjoyed the trip and learnt a lot through the various activities during this immersion.






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