Overseas Trips
18th November 2012

BSPY5 Beijing, China

Twenty-six Y5 Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholars embarked on a four-week Study Immersion Programme to Beijing (China) from 18th November to 15th December 2012.

Students had the opportunity to interact with local professors in the renowned Renmin University of China and Peking University, whilst experiencing life as an undergraduate. This was an invaluable experience for the students, given it was the first time Peking University collaborated with Dunman High School. They attended lectures presented by eminent professors in the respective universities, which enriched their insights into the field of China studies and further propelled their interest in the subject. In addition, these professors provided constructive feedback and guidance toward their learning of H2 China Studies in Chinese.

There were also numerous visits to famous landmarks in Beijing, which included Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium), Beijing National Aquatics Centre (Water Cube), Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, as well as the spectacular Great Wall of China. The co-existence of ancient structures amidst modern architecture and infrastructure created a stark contrast yet powerful reminder of Beijing’s rich heritage.

The Immersion Programme also featured a two-day visit to Tianjin, the largest coastal city in northern China. The students were able to catch a glimpse of this vibrant city, which is highly regarded as the new growth pole in China and is a hub of advanced industrial and financial activity. Historical relics such as the Tianjin Italian Town also reflect the influence of self-contained concessions built by the Europeans during the 1800s. These architectures provide an exotic flavour to Tianjin.

This Immersion Programme to Beijing has provided students with an up-close and personal experience of the enduring Chinese culture and rapid rise of China in the international arena. The takeaways from this trip will remain entrenched in each student, moulding them into global citizens.



学生们这次也参观了北京的著名地标,例如举办2008年北京奥运的国家体育场(俗称“鸟巢”)与国家游泳中心(俗称“水立方”)、有悠久历史的文化 古迹紫禁城与天坛等。当然,学生们也当上了“好汉”,爬上了世界七大奇观之一的万里长城。这次的北京之旅,就让学生们看到了文化古迹与现代建筑如何兼容并 蓄,打造北京独有的风景线。



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