Overseas Trips
15th November 2014

BSPY5 Beijing, China

The Year 5 Study immersion Programme to Beijing marks the final phase in the “Know-Experience-Study” China framework of the DHS BSP Overseas Study Immersion Programme. This immersion programme was led and orgranised by Head CL 1, Mr Yeong Chan Kong, and ST/CL Mdm An Fengyun and Miss Chew Geok Joo. A total of 20 Year 5 SAP Scholars took part in the programme, which lasted 18 days from 15 November to 2 December 2014.

As the final immersion programme for our 20 SAP scholars over the past 3 years since their enrolment into the Bicultural Studies Programme, great effort has been put into the design of the immersion to ensure effective learning. With strong support from Dr Foo, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed and partnership was formed with Beijing National Day School. This has provided an excellent opportunity for our students to interact with the local students.

In addition, as a direct result of a long-term partnership between DHS and the Foreign Students Admissions Office of Peking University, a total of 7 thematic lectures on China’s Foreign Policies were arranged. The professors from Peking University were deeply impressed with the knowledge of our students on contemporary China.

We were also greeted by DHS alumni who are currently studying in Peking University. Under their kind arrangement, our students were ushered to attend undergraduate lectures with them. It was a unique experience for our BSP scholars to be able to attend students together with the top brains in China in what is undisputedly the top institution of education in China.

Apart from Peking University, we also visited Renmin University in Beijing and Nankai University in Tianjin, both top-ranking universities in China. A topical lecture on the Current Outlook of E-commerce in China was also arranged for our students in Nankai University.

Together with sightseeing to the various sites of cultural and historical interest in Beijing and Tianjin, experiential learning over the past 3 years for our Y5 BSP SAP Scholars culminated to a fruitful end.

2014年11月15日至12月2日,华文部主任杨振光老师,连同安凤云老师和周育如老师,率20名高一双文化课程奖学金得主,前往北京进行为期18日的浸濡学习 。





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