Overseas Trips
14th November 2015

BSPY5 Beijing, China

During the November holidays, together with their teachers Mr Goh Liangzhou, Mr Liu Zhiqiang and Mdm An Fengyun, 25 Year 5 Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) scholars embarked on their final immersion trip to Beijing and Tianjin. The highlights of the 17 day-long trip consisted of the insightful lectures in Peking University and Nankai University, student interactions at Beijing National Day School and Tsinghua University and sightseeing.

Peking University had kindly arranged a series of lectures on China’s foreign relations to prepare the BSP scholars for their A Level China Studies in Chinese (CSC) subject. The contents covered would help students in understanding their CSC syllabus the following year. The students also had the precious opportunity to interact with alumni of Dunman High School who are currently studying in Peking University. With their help, the students had the chance to attend undergraduate lectures and had a tour of the school, allowing them to better understand what it is like studying in China.

At Beijing National Day School (BNDS), our students interacted with BNDS students through interactive presentations, thought-provoking discussions and game activities such as charades. Not only did this give the students from both schools a chance to make new friends, it also helped to strengthen their understanding of each other’s country and culture. Ever since the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with Beijing National Day School, the partnership and interaction between our two schools have increased greatly.

Having the final Overseas Learning Journey (OLJ) at China’s capital, Beijing, the BSP scholars’ experiences have come full circle. In these 17 days, the students had briefly uncovered “all things China” amidst Beijing’s rich cultural backdrop and historical significance. With this unforgettable trip, the three years of BSP OLJs have come to a wonderful and fruitful closure.





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