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30th July 2020

DHAP Writes! 2020

Considering the COVID-19 situation, the International and Strategic Affairs Council (ISAC) was unable to organise the Dunman High Model ASEAN Plus Summit (DHAP) in its usual format. This presented ISAC with the opportunity to organise the inaugural DHAP Writes!

DHAP Writes! is a writing competition focused on the crafting of position papers, directives and press commentaries. It aims to provide a platform for students from secondary schools and pre-university Institutions to hone their research, analytical and situational writing skills. The topics covered in this competition included the management of the South China Sea dispute, incorporating infocommunication technology in education, and the 1967 Arab-Israeli Conflict.

DHAP Writes! received overwhelming support from the MUN community and beyond. It received 60 submissions by over 160 participants from 24 schools, all of them thoughtfully written and backed by robust research.

DHAP Writes! was capped off with a post-event webinar which featured Mr Bilahari Kausikan, who is the current Chairman of the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore. During the webinar, Mr Kausikan responded to the wide range of questions posed by the participants with typical gusto and aplomb. The rich and insightful discussion during the webinar provided a fitting conclusion to a fruitful competition.

In the words of American author William H. Gass, “True alchemists change the world with words.” DHAP Writes! 2020 has hopefully played a small part in moulding these budding alchemists!

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