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5th May 2017

East Zone COE Teaching & Learning Professional Sharing Day 2017

The Professional Sharing Day was successfully organised by the East Zone COE for Teaching & Learning, Dunman High School on 21 April 2017.

This platform was created to support and enhance professional competencies of teachers in the East Zone schools through sharing of innovative and effective teaching and learning practices.

In her opening remarks, Mrs Susan Crossley, Superintendent/ East 2, Schools Division, urged teachers to make learning joyful and echoed Minister Ng Chee Meng’s call to allow every child to discover his interests, grow his passions and love what he is doing. Mrs Crossley also commended the schools and institutions which have come forward willingly as a village to share their professional expertise in order to empower teachers to bring about the joy of learning through varied and fun learning experiences.

This year, Key Personnel, Lead Teachers, Senior Teachers (STs) and aspiring STs from 27 East Zone schools conducted 38 concurrent sessions including 3 workshops. A special note of appreciation was accorded to Dr Paul Doyle, Deputy Director/Subject Literacy, from English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS) for conducting the workshop “Making Thinking Visible” specially for the East Zone Schools.

At the workshop, Dr Paul Doyle shared with the participants on ELIS’ research on effective communication for learning across curricula and drew on examples from teachers’ classroom-based inquiry into thinking and literacy in schools.

We also had an Open Classroom segment in the morning, where Dunman High teachers opened 10 classrooms for participants to observe live lesson demonstrations conducted in an authentic environment. This is the second year of the Open Classroom segment and we received many positive feedback from the participants.

With a total of about 460 educators from East Zone schools and MOE HQ participating in the professional sharing, it was a fruitful afternoon well spent amongst our fellow practitioners.

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